March 25, 2014

Facebook readers skeptical of Flight 370's fate

PLATTSBURGH — Skepticism describes how some Press-Republican Facebook readers responded to the news Monday that authorities believe Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 crashed in the Indian Ocean.

All 239 aboard the jetliner were presumed dead, Malaysia’s prime minister said.

Here’s how readers replied to a Press-Republican question asking for their thoughts on the investigation of the plane since its disappearance on March 8.

Amber Nichols: “Pure speculation on their part. No actual facts. They keep repeating what they “think” happened. My thoughts are how come they aren’t sending divers down to look or water equipment to search the ocean floor? More actual work needs to be done other than by plane & boats & saying that they see things but might be from boats & such. Why do they have to say anything @ all until they know facts!”

Linda Corrow LaVair: “Very true!!”

Josh Angus: “I don’t believe it...”

Brenna Miller: “This entire story, every aspect and detail has been bizarre and eerie. I hope this “mystery” is solved.”

Kristin N Howie Brandon: “Don’t believe it.”

Joanne Hebert: “don’t believe it till they have facts, actual proof and the black box. no one really knows unless they were in on it.....”

Julie Corcoran: “It is the only explanation that makes sense. If it were not deep in the ocean, some kind of signal would have been sent/rec’d.”

Jennifer Zahn: “I think it’s safe to say we felt this from a couple days in. One pilot said a fire in the control panel could explain what happened as well as fishermen. So sorry for the families and loved ones.”

Mark A. Mathews: “Smokescreen. Where’s the wreckage? Air France wreckage floated for how long? No way this Boeing crashed.”

Vince O’Driscoll: “I wish the speculation would stop. If you have no proof, say nothing.”

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