June 11, 2013

City water main breaks

PLATTSBURGH — A 49-year-old water main broke in the City of Plattsburgh early Monday morning causing water to gush down the road.

Superintendent of Public Works Mike Brodi said the main broke around 4 a.m. on Broad Street between Beekman Street and Draper Avenue.

A 12-foot crack emerged in the cast-iron 14-inch pipe, that was installed in 1964. Water washed away the earth under the road and buckled the pavement.

Crews were working on the problem most of Monday, and had the line replaced and road filled back in by 6 p.m. The road was closed all day until mid-evening.

One building on the campus of SUNY Plattsburgh and two homes in the area had to have their water shut off while repairs were made.

Brodi said the city flushed fire hydrants last week, which may have caused the crack.

“Sometimes when we flush the hydrants the weak spots show up,” he said.

A small leak was also found in pipes under the road on Riley Avenue last week after the hydrants were flushed.

“Could have been worse,” Brodi said.

“It could have been in the middle of winter and 20 below. At least it was kind of nice out today.”

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