November 7, 2013

Online vote reporting delayed in two counties


“It was when we tried to plug in the numbers that we ran into an issue,” he said.

Castine said the office was able to print the results and fax them out, but the snag was getting them uploaded for viewing on the county’s website.

Campbell said the local information-technology staff was unable to fix the problem, so the commissioners had to be on the phone “an extended amount of time” with the program vendor to find and correct the glitch.

He said the results started going up on the website about 11 p.m.


On Wednesday, commissioners in Franklin County were checking voting-machine tapes to compare them to the unofficial election report generated Tuesday night. 

An audit of a randomly selected community’s election results will be conducted Thursday to again verify that the numbers were correct.


Here are unofficial vote counts in the southern end communities of Franklin County that were not published in Wednesday’s Press-Republican due to the delays:


Town supervisor: Peter Shrope (D, R, C), 175.

Town Council (top two win): Amber McKernan (D, R), 169; Steve Tucker (D), 143; Sarah Knapp (R), 54.

Highway superintendent: Andy Crary (R, D, C), 182.


Town supervisor: Arthur Willman Jr. (R, Integrity), 267.

Town clerk: Lauren Lefebvre (D, R, Integrity), 281.

Town Council (top two win): Tom Bartiss (D), 250; Donald Hamm (R, Integrity), 131; Mary Ellen Keith (I Care Party), 143.

Highway superintendent: Jacques Demars (R, Integrity), 276.

Town justice: Roger Symonds (D), 293.


Town supervisor: Robert Bevilacqua (R, C), 696.

Town clerk: Patricia Gillmett (R, C), 816.

Town Council (top two win): Edward Goetz Jr. (D, Unity), 567; Ronald Keough (R, C), 540; Patricia Meagher (R, C), 515.

Town Council (two-year unexpired term): Howard Riley (D, Unity), 549; Gerald Gillmett (R, C), 346.

Highway superintendent: Craig Donaldson (R, C), 699.


Town supervisor: Marcel “Mickey” Webb (R), 79.

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