September 5, 2013

Mall hosting Plucky Rooster contest


PLATTSBURGH — The annual Battle of Plattsburgh Plucky Rooster Contest has a new location this year, with entries due today.

Champlain Centre mall is hosting the rooster-building competition for 2013, giving it a very visible location.

The Plucky Rooster Contest was conceived in tribute to a legend about an event that supposedly occurred on Sept. 11, 1814, during the naval battle on Plattsburgh Bay, Lake Champlain, between the British and Americans.

The British frigate Confiance fired cannon shots at the American vessel Saratoga, commanded by Lt. Thomas Macdonough, killing or wounding 40 crew members. The American sailors were disheartened, but when they heard loud crowing from a rooster aboard the ship, their spirits were lifted. The sailors fought bravely and were victorious.

The story of the rooster has been handed down over time and is depicted in many paintings and in a mural in Plattsburgh City Hall. Today, the U.S. Navy continues to have the rooster as a mascot on the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga.

The local contest gives individuals, groups and businesses the opportunity to construct a Plucky Rooster model.

The roosters must have a name, be a minimum of 3 feet tall (excluding the height of any stand), be handmade and able to stand alone. They can be made of any material.

The categories for judging are Best Rooster Model (individual or group), Best Children’s Rooster (created by children age 12 and younger) and People’s Choice Rooster (most popular votes).

People’s Choice votes will be accepted from Sept. 6 to 11, with models on display at the mall, in front of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Entries will be displayed from the time they are turned in until the awards ceremony, which will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 12.

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