August 29, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 29, 2013


---- — Hospital care

TO THE EDITOR: “Cheers” to Mel Freeman, who took care of me in a recent trip to the ER.

Your professionalism and bedside manner instantly assured me that I was in the best of hands.

You went above and beyond to make sure that I was well taken care of. And in what could have been a much worse situation, you were calm, never letting on that you, too, might have been nervous about how everything would play out.

Your easy-going, easy-to-talk-to manner also allowed me to relax and ask the questions I needed to ask as well as ask for the help I needed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.




Working for all

TO THE EDITOR: Rachelle Armstrong is a candidate who will work for and with us in Ward 1 to build a future for our city.

As councilor, Rachelle will develop a Master Plan that guides our city’s future. Responsible development is key to generating new revenue in the city. We need to protect the great quality of life here. Vision and planning are essential to fiscal responsibility. Short-sighted planning costs the city money.

Rachelle will find ways to grow our tax base and lower everyone’s tax burden.

She will work with city department heads to eliminate inefficiencies.

She will explore ways to share services with the town and county.

We share this city. We need to share our concerns and ideas. Rachelle will listen to her constituents. Rachelle will hold Ward 1 forums and encourage other councilors to do the same.

Rachelle will actively listen to and work for us. She will be our representative, our voice.

Rachelle recognizes the importance of all community stakeholders; all will be fairly represented.

Rachelle will collaborate to solve problems; working together in a civil manner is productive and efficient.

Rachelle wants to grow a green future. This will help protect the greatest asset we share — a beautiful environment that belongs to all of us. We need to keep it that way, to nurture it and maintain access to it.

She will work to create new opportunities; this will result from careful planning, a green sensibility and a progressive economic outlook. We have to take advantage of our assets to create job growth.

Please vote for Rachelle for the Democratic Primary Election noon to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Because of redistricting, the Old Base residents are new constituents in Ward 1. The new polling place is Pine Harbor on New Hampshire.




Puppies fundraiser

TO THE EDITOR: There was a bottle drive held Saturday, Aug. 10, in Peru at the corner of Route 22 and Bear Swamp Road.

This was a fundraiser for care of the puppies from Northern Puppies. It was to help with vet bills, food and whatever else they needed.

We had an overwhelming response from the people of the North Country. We raised $1,212, along with a big bag of dog food someone brought.

There are so many to thank that we can’t name everybody individually. Thanks to WPTZ for televising our event to get people to come. Also, thanks to the North Country Amvets Post 87, who took in all the bottles (more than 13,000), and they were nice enough to give us 7 cents per bottle or can. And special thanks to our helpers who counted returnables and to our delivery guys who hauled them away.

It was a great turnout. Thank you, North Country.