May 23, 2013

Wadhams Waddlers wander

'Third-best band' meanders through North Country

WADHAMS — Calling themselves the “third-best band in Wadhams,” the Wadhams Waddlers infuse humor with their mix of old-time fiddle, new-time banjo and bass lullabies.

Officially, the quartet wants to be known as “Wadhams’ third most popular four-member old-timey string band.” In addition to the North Country, they claim worldwide renown — having traveled the world via Skype. 

“Probably the best description of the band would be: ‘Two married couples that like to hang out together and need a hobby to fit in between meals.’ We picked music instead of bowling. It turns out that some people wanted to listen to our music, so we played for audiences in the greater-Wadhams metropolitan area,” Waddler Kevin Bouchard-Hall said, joking about the tiny hamlet. 

“We even have some original songs that we’ve written,” he said. “Sometimes we just shout and dance around.” 

And, of course, they interject their prattle between virtually every song. 

Rangy and gnarly, Kevin strums his banjo and warbles on with lamentations of his life. Kevin has a serious side, though — by day, he is a physical therapist at Elizabethtown Community Hospital’s Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab Clinic. 

Of his wife, Elizabeth “Liz” Bouchard-Hall, who moonlights as a nurse, Kevin said, “Liz is an awesome bass player but very sleepy. She plays the upright bass because she has to stand to stay awake. We know that rehearsal is over when Liz and the bass are both on the floor. It’s probably because she works the late shift.”

Lisa Henry, who plays guitar, is “the quiet philosopher” until she takes a solo, and then she is known to shout with excitement, Kevin said.

Most of the time, however, she said she is thinking about how to reduce her life’s possessions into one car so that she can become a “national park nomad. 

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