January 16, 2014

Town water projects updated

PLATTSBURGH — Progress continues on water and wastewater capital improvements in the Town of Plattsburgh.

Final design has been completed for two new lift stations: one on Sorrell Avenue and one on Route 3. Water and Wastewater Department Director Scott Stoddard updated the Town Council on those projects during a meeting this week. 

Both stations were built in the 1970s, so maintenance has become increasingly expensive, he said.

“Work will start this spring,” Stoddard said.

The Sorrell Avenue station serves Consumer Square. The town has received a commitment of $45,000 from shopping-center owner Benderson Development toward the $339,000 project.

The Route 3 lift station serves businesses in Air Industrial Park and other firms in that area. The town received a $86,000 grant toward that $430,000 project.


The town has identified five water storage tanks in need of renovations: three on Kimberly Lane in Morrisonville, one on Hammond Lane in Plattsburgh and one in Cadyville.

Stoddard said exterior inspections have taken place. Interior inspections will be done using remote-controlled equipment this spring.

That will help prioritize which work should be done first, with one or two to be repaired next fall.

On the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base, the town continues a phased approach to inspection and repair of water and sewer lines. Phase 2 will include additional inspection of lines to determine where repairs are needed, Stoddard said.

That is to be done by installing sleeves in the lines that are then expanded and secured in place. Robotic equipment is then used to cut the holes for connections to lateral lines.

“The big deal is to reduce inflow and infiltration,” he said.

When groundwater seeps into the lines, it costs the town extra money, as it is pumped to and treated at the City of Plattsburgh Wastewater Treatment Plant.


A search for a new well site has led to a potential new location on town property that appears to be on a separate aquifer from the other wells.

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