April 18, 2013

Poodle killed by larger dog

PERU — A loose dog that attacked and killed a smaller canine Tuesday could be euthanized.

The sudden incident on Elm Street in front of Peru Community Church Fellowship Hall left onlookers who witnessed it horrified and deeply saddened for Terri Cioppa, whose dog, Jean Claude, died.

“She walked the dog every day,” said Ann Wilke, who had entered the hall shortly before the attack. “Sometimes, she carried him.”

Peru Town Supervisor Peter Glushko didn’t release the name of either dog’s owner nor details surrounding the incident, as the case was being prepared for court.

“The dog is in a holding facility,” Town of Peru Dog Control Officer Kelly Allen said, “... and the owner will be charged.”

A dangerous-dog case, she said, it falls under Agriculture and Markets law.

“It goes straight to a hearing,” Allen said. “Everything has to happen within five days of the incident.

“The dog can be ordered to be put down or confined for the rest of its life.”


The dog, a large black animal with white on its chest, had been loose, said Sarah Davis, who saw it as she dropped her son, Cooper, off at Peru Nursery School that morning.

”It was roaming around the preschool, went inside,” she said. “I just took it by the collar and tied on a little jump rope.

“He was fine, though, with the kids.”

She was waiting outside the Fellowship Hall for the dog control officer to come pick it up when Wilke arrived there for an exercise class.

The dog was perfectly friendly, Wilke said.

“I petted him. Everybody was greeting the dog and petting him.”

The animal was well cared for, she observed.

“He had a brand-new blue collar.”

“Obviously, someone loves this dog,” Davis said, saying it looked very healthy.

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