April 18, 2013

Locals say bomb fears won't restrict them


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Press-Republican Facebook readers say, for the most part, that they will cautious but won’t let themselves be intimidated by the Boston bombings.

The Press-Republican asked readers if they will be more fearful of public gatherings, and here is a sampling of their responses:

Michael Defayette: “Will not be afraid to attend a gathering, event or a marathon. We are a FREE society. We all try to do the right thing. If one person or multiple people want to cause harm, then they will. One on one or in a gathering. I will not cower just because someone might have ill intentions.”

Penny Bowers: “If our kids are not safe in school, then why would we think we are safe in public? You cannot guess what tomorrow will bring but enjoy what your today has to offer as it may be your last.”

Bonnie Shatraw Wingler: “Not concerned about anything different at a public gathering....there are crazies everywhere.”

Fred V. Provoncha: “I was in the NYC area on September 11, 2001. I’m always wary in public gatherings...”

Addline Holman Bova: “I really like to stay home more than ever now.”

Marc Gendron: “Yes, I used to live in NYC on West 20th St. I was on the Amtrak train from Montreal to NYC on 9/11/01. Will never forget it.”

Nikki Edwards: “No, if we allow the horrid people that are doing these horrible acts to others put us on the edge of our seats, cancel events or whatever...they win! We just have to trust that those that have vowed to protect us during such events have taken all measures to ensure that. Which I do and always will. Hats off to all the people that rushed to the service of those in need (Monday)! And prayers out to those affected by that traumatic event.”

Caity Saunders Worley: “Not really, seeing as it could have happened anywhere at any time. We need to be more aware of our surroundings at all times and in all places.”

Scott Maynard: “Living your life in fear is the objective of what this person/group wanted to accomplish. To fight back from such violence is not by being afraid of walking outside or being in constant terror of your surroundings.”

Brian Longley: “I guess if i see the Gov’t running ‘drills,’ I’d leave the premises ASAP.”

Julie Martineau Rowe: “No. It is just unfortunate it takes an extreme (event) to happen to see people pull together and tell or show others the good they have to share.”