June 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 20, 2013


---- — Remember the past

TO THE EDITOR: Kudos to your June 4 Viewpoint, “Capitalizing on our history.” Very well written, indeed.

As the 6th of June is upon us, I am reminded that my five brothers, two cousins and several uncles who went in to Europe on D-Day, 69 years ago. This historic event should be a lesson learned and never forgotten.

As well as the dates 1730,  the very first fort situated under the footprint of our new Chimney Point Bridge; Le Redoute Fort St. Frederic, 1734; and then later His Majesty’s Fort at Crown Point, a town that is celebrating its 225th year.

Unfortunately, my children and my grandchildren were not apprised of their heritage due to the teaching curriculum mandated by Albany. Back in the Forties, our history was a required subject.

A very sad statement of affairs for our next generation. One should never forget where they came from.

Good job with your editorial. God bless, America.


Crown Point


Obama’s ignorance

TO THE EDITOR: Two of life’s most deceptive things are women’s stated ages and Democrat minds.

Liberal minds are like hurricanes and raging rivers, producing only unwanted results. Winds and rushing water will recede, but troubled minds persist and, like faulty elevators, rarely function properly.

There’s no transition to productive thinking. When liberals state “show me the way,” they’re not referring to mental guidance, just the locations for restrooms, and “going home for the holidays” constitutes an extended visit to the welfare office.

Liberal mindsets are like Obama’s stated solutions for his IRS, Benghazi and Associated Press misgivings: “Don’t know anything about it.” Mentally, he’s in more darkness than falling stars at midnight. How can our national leader know so little and admit it? This is a man governing our country and he knows nothing in regards to his national scandals?

We’re experiencing a serial liar, but lying isn’t a rational excuse for dumbness. His realm of knowledge in regard to his current problems indicates a childhood dedicated to “Pinocchio” and “Goofy.” Oh well, I guess one has to have role models?

Obviously, cluelessness is a liberal qualification for leadership. Where’s “Howdy Doody” in times of need; he would at least be a believable excuse for ignorance?

With his health-care legislation in a mess, Obama’s only other notable accomplishment is having a great Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn.

Liberal mental persuasions are promotions for bewilderment; it’s impossible to determine what they don’t or never will know. It would only be wishful to conclude they know anything. “Rapid response” to them means hurriedly running to receive social welfare benefits.

They do bear unrelenting burdens, misplaced minds and each other.