March 7, 2013

Town of Bangor mulls roadside-mowing contract


---- — BANGOR — The Town of Bangor has 20 miles of Franklin County roads and might be willing to mow the verges along them.

But Highway Superintendent Jamie St. Hilaire wants to know how much the county would pay for the work.

The price per mile, he said at a recent Town Council session, would be at least $200 and could go up to $275 per mile.

The Town of Bangor has a 5-foot mower, but St. Hilaire wants to upgrade to a 10-foot model, which would also mean buying a new tractor for about $12,000.

According to meeting minutes, the Town Council approved the idea in theory, but wants more time to decide.


St. Hilaire was among the town highway chiefs who were sent memos from County Highway Superintendent Jonathan Hutchins to determine who might be interested in contracting that work.

It is a similar arrangement to the one negotiated when towns plow county roadways.

Hutchins said he contacted towns in the region to see what their contracts were “and they can range anywhere from $250 a mile to $560 a mile,” he said.

A final price has not been determined, he said; the County Legislature may discuss the issue at the session set for today, starting at 9 a.m.


Other matters were discussed at the recent Bangor Town Council session.

New truck: St. Hilaire received board permission to buy a new truck with plow equipment for $210,000. He said the town can “piggyback” onto the county’s contract with the state and get the best price.

Community Center: Tax Collector Sharon Debyah wants to add an amendment to the Community Center rental agreement that requires those renting it for events to be at least 21 and to show identification with a photograph.

She also wants the notice to include that an event must be catered by a licensed caterer that has its own insurance.

The center is available for rental only by people who live in the Town of Bangor.

Playground update: Debyah told council members she will order playground equipment next week and that she is waiting to hear from Amy Potter from Stewart’s Shops about a possible contribution.

Joey St. Mary suggested a dodge-ball tournament could be held to raise money for the playground.

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