December 13, 2012

Plattsburgh skateboard film to premiere at ROTA Gallery


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Two years ago, Evan Davis started filming a skateboarding movie.

“I’ve always had a passion for filming and editing,” he said.

He got his first video camera for his birthday when he was a junior in high school; he took it with him everywhere.

“I used that camera for everything,” Davis said.

His love of filming, combined with his drive and ambition, has yielded the recently completed film “Thunder Road,” released by Davis’s company, EZ Media Productionz. It will premiere Friday at the ROTA Gallery in Plattsburgh.

“When it started out, it was just going to be five minutes of boring clips,” he said. 

The finished film is an hour long.

“It hasn’t been an easy ride,” said Rosa Girard, 19. 

Davis’s girlfriend, she helped film and edit “Thunder Road.”

Long hours editing hours upon hours of footage was difficult, but it has all paid off, said Davis, who is also 19.

Vincent Poupore’s skill set has evolved through his participation from simple skating to 12-stair down rails, where he throws his body down a flight of stairs and attempts to land on his board, he said.

Some of the skaters were injured in the filming process.

Brandan Pappas, 19, co-editor and co-producer of the film, fractured his knee cap. 

And there were “a lot of broken skateboards,” Poupore said.

Skating is “pretty intense” at times, Davis said.


But the eight young people who made his dream a reality agree that it was all worth it.

Seven of them have their own part in the collaboration, Davis said, “showing all the different spots and all the different skating that they’ve done.”

Each of the skaters contributed something unique to the film through their style, which often expresses their personality, Davis said.

Pappas described Davis’s style as loose, relaxing, chill and graceful, while Davis said Pappas’s is “textbook” and technically sound.

“Thunder Road” also includes a “friends section,” where other local boarders show off their skills in brief segments, Davis said.


Skateboarding isn’t just a hobby for the teens but a way of life.

“It builds character. It makes you who you are,” Pappas said. “It’s also a mental release.” 

Locals residents will be able to identify the setting of each clip.

“We’ve skated almost every single street (in Plattsburgh), gone up and down looking down for new spots, got kicked out of plenty of spots,” Davis said.

Watching and editing the film brings back different experiences for those have worked on it.

“Every clip I see reminds me of a different time in a different place,” Pappas said.

Even though the film was completed only within the last couple of weeks, Davis is already thinking about his next project.

“I want to create another movie,” he said. “I’m already thinking about it.”

The cast includes directors Davis and Pappas, Poupore, 19; Jack Reed, 20; Jarred Vislocky, 21; and Ian Bellerive, 17, with Abi Clark, 19, also helping with filming. 

All involved helped with the editing process, Davis said.

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"Thunder Road" premiers at 7 p.m. Friday at the ROTA Gallery, 50 Margaret St., Plattsburgh.

Admission is free.