December 27, 2012

Joy to the Children: A lasting gift



About 30,000 children from Essex, Clinton, Franklin and Hamilton counties will attend some 300 programs free of charge over the next 12 months. 

It provides a stop-gap for spending cuts in schools, often allowing entire classrooms to take in a midday theater project in Lake Placid at no charge for either parents or the school.

“The Weibrechts are overjoyed,” Caligiore said of the event’s success this year.

Often called simply “Joy,” the celebration has become both a tradition in Lake Placid and a blessing.

“This will continue. It is a real part of the hotel’s mission and the Weibrechts’ personal mission,” Caligiore added.

“Certainly, we can never overestimate the value of arts to community, to the kids.”

The support also lends a fine-art flair to the Olympic village known around the world for training world class athletes and hosting international sporting competition.

“But, we are also an arts community, a music community, and this ongoing holiday celebration in Joy really emphasizes that,” Caligiore said.

“We do all children a great service if we can introduce them to the arts. This provides at least an outlet to explore and pursue theater, music and art.

“If we can introduce a good number of kids to the arts via this mechanism, then we’ve achieved a lot. The Weibrechts feel strongly about that.”

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