October 27, 2011

Dashnaw: 'I didn't do this'

PLATTSBURGH — With a raspy voice and jittery hands, Edward A. Dashnaw told jurors he was just a man trying to fight to save the rest of his life.

The Plattsburgh man, accused of slaying David and Lorraine Donivan of Schuyler Falls in 2005, gave his own summation in Clinton County Court Wednesday morning as his second trial for the crimes wound down.

He told the jury that the Donivans were wonderful people.

"You have heard countless amounts of evidence ... to say I did this," he told them. "But, I didn't do this."

Later in the day, District Attorney Andrew Wylie went through the evidence, detailing a time line that he says shows Dashnaw did kill the Donivans.


Dashnaw said that neither John Ellis, to whom Dashnaw had delivered furniture from the Donivans' House of Pine and Oak on Dec. 24, 2005, nor Corey Desso, who had helped deliver the furniture, said anything about seeing Dashnaw with an injured face or hand.

"They saw no knife wounds on my hands."

He said the evidence said there had been some type of fight, but he told jurors the prosecution evidence was "contradictory."

He showed the panel a picture in which investigators were not wearing protective gear and said they testified that they had.

He questioned how, if he had had a cut on his hand, no blood showed up on anything in the home.

"It's not physically possible," he told jurors. "Out of all the evidence, is there one pin-drop? No, there's not."


Dashnaw then questioned why the prosecution and investigators had not focused on "the biggest piece of evidence," the warehouse door with the bloodstain on it.

He launched into a series of comments about the footprint found in the garage and how no footwear had been confiscated.

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