October 3, 2013

Last-minute challenge made to county assessing


“The law is clear — if a town drops out of the CAP, you’re responsible to pay back the CAP money,” Connell said.

“You (Willsboro) dropped out of the CAP.”

He said that by reappointing its sole assessor to a six-year term in June, Willsboro effectively left CAP.

Supervisor Roby Politi (R-North Elba) was reluctant to support the county taking over assessing if there was a dispute over the program.

“I’m not privy to the dissension between the three bodies,” he said.

“Any way you look at this, they withdrew,” Connell said. “I don’t think our two towns should now be penalized because Willsboro dropped out of the CAP.”


The Willsboro Town Council resolution was read aloud and seemed to say the town was leaving CAP and reappointing its assessor.

But Hatch said they didn’t actually want to withdraw from CAP.

“You read it, you see we’re very confused,” Hatch said of the town’s resolution.

“I’m making an argument we did not want to get out of here; you’re (the state) kicking me out.”

Hatch said he wants to stay in CAP but not go to the county for assessing services. Connell said that wasn’t an option since Westport was the lead town in CAP and had joined with Elizabethtown to seek county assistance.

Supervisor George Canon (R-Newcomb) said he believes Willsboro’s actions took them out of CAP.

“By default, they withdrew,” he said.

Disagreement over who wanted to do what was irrelevant to the resolution on the floor, Board of Supervisors Chair Randy Douglas (D-Jay) noted.

“Either we support the two towns going to the county or we don’t,” Douglas said. “It’s a simple as that.”

In the end, everyone but Hatch agreed to support the new assessing by the county.

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