May 23, 2013

Speakout: May 23, 2013


I lost a very important black leather case at the hospital. It was in the pouch of a wheelchair. If you found it, please turn it into security; it contains very important info concerning my husband’s medical problems.


Common sense should tell government officials that you can’t put a salt pile near a well. Move the salt and sand pile; prevent future problems. Quit spending money wondering what the problem is.


When a parent is concerned about their teen and talks to a school, and asks, please keep this confidential, why can’t that be respected? We should be able to trust the school.


The state bought 93,000 acres within the Adirondack park, but they are trying to sell the Lyon Mountain prison. Isn’t that 11 acres inside the Adirondack Park too? They have money for land, but not for unemployment extensions, raises for non-union employees and the necessities of life.


Our forefathers could not have even imagined the firearms of today. If they had, maybe the Constitution would have been worded differently. It’s time to use common sense in our government.

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