May 23, 2013

Wife testifies in manslaughter case


Then Mr. and Mrs. Rivers waited in their van with Taylor and Denno, parking on an upper lot on Mill Hill Road.

When the police didn’t come, Mrs. Rivers said, her husband and Denno got out of the van, and she and Taylor went to a store.

A short time later, Denno and Mr. Rivers walked up toward Front Street and met up with Rennie, according to earlier testimony, and words and some fisticuffs ensued.

Mrs. Rivers, who had returned from the store, said she heard the two but did not see them until they turned onto Mill Hill and walked toward where she was parked. Taylor had left the van to urinate, she said.

She said Denno and her husband were holding Rennie up by his arms.

“Mr. Rennie looked like a child that didn’t want to walk with his parents,” she said.


Halfway past the van, she said, in the middle of the road, they stopped.

“My husband and Robert were calling each other names. They went to swing at each other. That’s when Mr. Taylor reappeared in the picture.”

Mrs. Rivers said Rennie was brutally kicked, then said Taylor struck Rennie in the head and knocked him down.

“When Mr. Rennie fell to the ground,” she said, “it was a bunch of legs kicking.”

“Whose legs?” Langey asked.

“Paul’s, my husband, Michael’s and Scott’s,” she replied.

Taylor kicked Rennie with such force, she told the court, that his blows lifted the man’s 118-pound frame off the ground.

Mrs. Rivers characterized her husband’s kicks as “like you would kick a kickball.”

She said she watched the attack for “a minute or less” then screamed, “Stop, stop stop,” causing Mr. Rivers and Denno to halt.

Taylor kept kicking, Mrs. Rivers said, and when Mr. Rivers tried to intercede, Taylor pushed him away, saying, “I’m not f****** done yet.”

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