May 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: May 19, 2013


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TO THE EDITOR: A few years ago, Beekmantown School District found they had $12 million in fund balance, $10 million of that illegal.

The School Board and officials blew through that money so quickly that, according to the 2013-14 budget, only $989 is now left. According to the superintendent, in 2014, the district will be in financial trouble.

Included on the board that burned through $10 million were two incumbent candidates running this year: Ed Marin and “Red” LaVigne.

Both are big spenders. One need only look at how they voted on this year’s budget to get the picture. Mr. LaVigne voted “no,” not because it was profligate but because it didn’t spend enough. That’s right, he wanted to spend more by hiring another administrator.

Mr. Marin, finding that the state was actually giving the district more taxpayers’ money than previously thought, wanted to spend it on a new program that the school cannot afford. (His idea was rejected).

That’s how you spend $10 million in three years.

Fortunately, we have choices. Running this year for Beekmantown School Board are three new candidates: Ken Mauer Sr., Mike Hagadorn and Andy Brockway.

Mr. Mauer’s a man of exceptionally fine character and a real fiscal conservative. Mr. Hagadorn’s a physician’s assistant and a fiscal conservative who’s deeply concerned about the quality of education.  Mr. Brockway’s a BCS graduate, a lifelong resident of the district and a budding attorney.

All three are willing to wade into the difficult financial times ahead and make the tough decisions needed to put the BCS financial house in order while working to do what’s right for the children the school employees and the taxpayers. They deserve our vote on May 21.







TO THE EDITOR: I have known Ken Maurer Sr. for over 40 years, and I have always found him to be honest, thoughtful and fair.

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