April 21, 2013

First glimpses of spring hint at sandal season

PLATTSBURGH — Temperatures that reach above the freezing point and the first sights of sprouting flowers hint at spring weather, which lends to hopeful thoughts about sandal season.

Ellen Adams, 36, owns only one pair of sandals that she bought on sale in Burlington, she said.

“I own a pair of Tevas. This was the first time I bought (that brand),” the Plattsburgh woman said.

Although Adams likes her sandals, she isn’t ready to wear them yet.

“It’s definitely too cold now,” she said. “I probably won’t start wearing them until June at least.”

Melissa Floyd, 32, of Morrisonville doesn’t have a preferred brand.

“I don’t really pay much attention to what I wear when I go out. I have lots of different sandals,” she said.

Floyd chooses sandals to match the outfits she wears.

“I have different shoes for different occasions,” she said.

Sandals aren’t Joshua Beatty’s first choice for a summer shoe. The librarian from Plattsburgh doesn’t own any pairs.

“I end up wearing water shoes in the summer. I like Merrell,” he said of the outdoor-footwear and clothing company.

Recently, Beatty brought out his pair of summer shoes.

“It was warm and sunny; over 35 degrees,” he said.

Aislinn McKinstry, a 21-year-old SUNY Plattsburgh student, also likes flip flops. She’s not wearing sandals yet, but she’s noticed that people are already sporting them, she said.

McKinstry also likes Birkenstock sandals.

“They’re comfortable; good arch support,” she said.

Another SUNY Plattsburgh student, Liam Harrison, 38, said the temperature needs to reach at least 75 degrees before he’ll wear sandals, but he knows people who will wear them in February.

Harrison likes to wear leather flip flops from a company in California.

“They mold to your feet,” Harrison said. “I go on comfort.”

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