April 14, 2013

Locals divided about need for cursive

PLATTSBURGH — Local people have strong opinions about lessons in cursive writing being replaced by keyboarding in some schools.

The Press-Republican asked Facebook readers what they thought of the idea, and we received more than 70 replies.

Here’s a sampling of opinion:

Carlos Sauceda: “Well, schools have been also making our kids more tech savoy and dependent on calculators for math.even in college! I was appalled!! Our technology will be our undoing ... we will lose our humanity little by little...and then we will end up like the people on wall-e or worse.”

Cindy Geppner: “Not every job is meant to do with a computer. It would be nice if our children could still sign a birthday card or write a thank-you note. It would be terrible if every direction at every job had to be computer generated and not handwritten. Let’s not throw away something that works the world over.”

Rachel Carter: “So I guess they won’t ever learn how to fill out a check or sign their own name on a credit-card slip. Already sick of ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ messages through e-mail. NOTHING beats something handwritten.”

Jamie Durivage: “Curriculum should be based on its functionality and relevance ... not on nostalgia. ... I believe many of you in opposition to this change are thinking that this means the end of writing.. That’s not what I’m saying.. I’m saying cursive, which is merely a style of writing, is outdated ... Since man has been here, our communication has evolved.. How many of you can read cave paintings or hieroglyphs? ... Ask yourself this.. What job requires cursive handwriting? How many require knowing how to use a keyboard?”

Shari Arena: “My son is in kindergarten, and they don’t teach cursive. Computer lab has taken its place since the first week in school. We don’t need cursive, and doing both is a waste of time for teachers. If you want your child to learn it, teach them!”

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