December 9, 2012

Shelter animals need holiday help


---- — MALONE — A chubby tabby poked around, touching a curious nose to this and that before settling into a cubbyhole at the back of a bookcase.

Donna Bailey crouched and sweet-talked Tanya out of the cozy spot, careful not to touch the raw injuries on the little cat’s back.

“She was attacked,” said the North Country Animal Shelter volunteer and founder of Sweetie’s Cat Closet. “She is obviously a domestic, not a wild, cat. But somehow she was a stray.”

Her wounds and crumpled right ear are healing, and Bailey is confident she’ll find Tanya a good home. But 65 other cats at the shelter still need help and homes.

Volunteers are making fresh Christmas wreaths to sell to benefit the shelter and help pay for its heating bills this winter.

About 60 have been sold so far, Bailey said, and the goal is to make $1,000 by the end of the holiday season.


The wreaths, decorated with pine cones and ribbons, sell for between $18 and $35 each, depending on the size ordered. They are available at Clay, Cloth and Wood on Raymond Street in Malone or at the shelter on Bare Hill Road.

“People are going to be buying a wreath anyway, so they might as well get one from us,” Bailey said.

Adirondack Energy donated 100 gallons of fuel to the shelter, which is greatly appreciated, she said, “but when it costs over $400 for 100 gallons, and we’ve got three buildings to heat, it gets expensive.

“Without our private donations, we wouldn’t be here.”


A new idea is being tried this year that could turn into a success both for adoptions and needed supplies.

A large Christmas tree is sitting in the lobby at First Niagara Bank, decorated with tag ornaments showing photographs of about 80 of the dogs, cats, puppies and kittens available for adoption.

The Pet Wish Christmas Tree is much like an angel tree, where a tag is selected and the patron purchases gifts for the particular child.

The back of the animal photos include the pet’s name and a suggested gift, such as a pet bed, a trip to veterinarian, chew toys or a warm blanket, Bailey said.

Donations of other supplies, such as food and litter, are also accepted.

For more information on purchasing a wreath, call Bailey at 856-9474 or the shelter at 483-8079.

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