August 10, 2013

Speakout: Aug. 10, 2013


PALS football season is around the corner. I pay to have my sons play and learn the game. I don’t pay for them to play the same position each game. I also don’t pay to watch them sit the bench. They are only kids.


I’m shocked at the way some of our young adults are acting in the line of dating — people using others to pay their way and using them for their vehicle to get around. You at least need to pay for your gas. Don’t use vulnerable people for your needs.


Young kids sports amaze me in this area. Coaches are worrying too much about the win and not enough on the fundamentals of the game. Your job is to teach them the game. It is fun to win for sure, but let’s give every child the opportunities they deserve.


Gov. Cuomo once again disrespects the citizens of New York. Closing prisons, especially in the North Country, is irresponsible at best. While he tries to do things for his own political gain, he destroys public safety and puts employees’ lives in grave danger.


New York, by the actions and values of her citizens, has earned the right to elect “Carlos Danger” as Mayor of NYC. He would truly be representative of “We the People.” One Nation in the gutter with prevision for all.


Lyon Mountain and now Chateaugay prisons close. Our state forgets that we are northern New York and will shut us down every time. Where are our wonderful elected politicians that are allowing this to happen by not fighting enough?


Want to congratulate the reporter on the story about the fire on Priscilla Lane in Rouses Point. You really told the story and gave as full an account as you could. Unlike the local television station that gave less than 30 seconds.


To let my doctor know: I have been exercising so much and watching what I eat for over 15 weeks, and when I went in to see you, I was proud of my success. You said some things that made me feel like a failure. That hurt.

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