July 21, 2013

Five supervisors challenged in Essex County


---- — ELIZABETHTOWN — So far, elections in Essex County this year will see races for supervisor in only five out of 16 towns.

Ticonderoga, Elizabethtown, Westport, Minerva, and Willsboro have contests for that position up for vote in November, while there are council races in Elizabethtown, Jay, Minerva, Moriah, Newcomb, North Hudson, Schroon, Ticonderoga, Westport and Willsboro.

Independent petitions are not due until Aug. 20.

The supervisor slots are not up in Chesterfield and North Hudson.

Only seven towns — Moriah, Lewis, Willsboro, Westport, Schroon, Wilmington and Ticonderoga — have local offices on the ballot for the Tuesday, Sept. 10, primary election. Polls will be open from noon to 9 p.m. to vote for candidates on the Republican and Democrat party lines.

Here’s the overall election breakdown so far:


County District Attorney: Kristy Sprague (R-C), incumbent.

County Coroner (unexpired term): Francis Whitelaw (R), incumbent.


Town Council (one seat): Clayton Barber (R).


Supervisor: Charles Harrington (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Walter Worth (R); Sherlene Simpson Barrows (R).

Highway superintendent: Eugene Ingleston Jr. (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: Noel Merrihew III (R); Margaret Bartley (D), incumbent.

Town Clerk/Tax Collector: Debra Brooks (R), incumbent.

Town justice: William Garrison (R), incumbent; Michael Doyle (R).

Town Council (two seats): Evelyn Hatch (D), incumbent; William Wright Jr. (R); Richard Olcott (R).

Highway superintendent: Michael Drew (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: Incumbent Sharon Boisen runs as an independent, with petitions due Aug. 20.

Town Council (two seats): Bryan Garvey (R); Clair LaPine (R).

Highway superintendent: Bradley French (R).


Supervisor: Randy Douglas (D), incumbent.

Town clerk: Beatrice Pelkey (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Archie Depo (D), incumbent; Amy Shalton (R), incumbent; Frederick Balzac (Green).

Town justice (four years): Rosemond Lincoln-Day (Green).

Highway superintendent: Christopher Garrow (D), incumbent; William Lincoln Sr. (R).

Tax collector: Valerie Coolidge (R).


Supervisor: William Ferebee (R), incumbent.

Town clerk: Ellen Estes (R), incumbent.

Town justice (four years): Constance Hickey (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Robert Biesemeyer (D), incumbent; Paul Martin (R), incumbent.

Highway superintendent: Gary Manley (R); Ryan Hall (R).


Supervisor: David Blades (R), incumbent.

Town clerk: James Pierce (R), incumbent.

Town justice: Timothy Pierce (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Robert Sweatt (R); James Monty (R).

Highway superintendent: Eldred Hutchins (R), incumbent.

Tax collector: Kathleen Robertson (R); Brenda Sullivan (R).


Supervisor: Sue Montgomery Corey (D), incumbent; Stephen McNally (D).

Town clerk: Diana Mason (D), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Douglas McCall (R); Peter McNally (D); Keith Edward Dubay (R).

Highway superintendent: Bruce McGinn (R), incumbent.

Assessor: Darlene Duffy (D).

Tax collector: Effie Jane McNally (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: Thomas Scozzafava (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Timothy Garrison (R), incumbent; Lucille Carpenter (R);

Corey Steigleman (R).

Assessor: Paul Mazzotte (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: George Canon (R), incumbent.

Town clerk: Mary Pound (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Paul Hai (D); Mary Ellen Dillon Bush (D), incumbent; Donald Bott (R), incumbent.

Assessor: John Thornton (D), incumbent.

Highway superintendent: Mark Yandon (D), incumbent; John Helms (D).

Tax collector: Karen Darrah (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: Robert Politi (R), incumbent.

Town Council: Jack Favro (R), incumbent.

Assessor: Kimball Daby (R), incumbent.


Town Council (two seats): Robert Dobie (D); Marshall Gero (R), incumbent; John King (R).

Assessor: Bruce Caza (R).

Town justice: Deborah Marie Duntley (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: Michael Marnell (R), incumbent.

Town justice: Cheryl Indelicato (R); William Tribou III (R); Tracy Hanchett (R); Paul Mieras (R).

Town Council (two seats): Roger Friedman (R), incumbent; Margaret “Meg” Wood (R), incumbent.

Assessor (two seats): Thomas Erikson (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: Charles Whitson Jr. (R), incumbent.

Town clerk: Davina Thurston (D), incumbent.

Town justice: Sheridan Swinyer (R), incumbent.

Town Council (two seats): Dan Bates (R); Jennifer Fuller (R).

Highway superintendent: Roger Oliver (R), incumbent.

Tax collector: Nancy Heath (D), incumbent.


Supervisor: Debra Malaney (R), incumbent; R. William Grinnell (R).

Town Council (two seats): Fred Hunsdon Sr. (D); Dorcey Crammond (R), incumbent; James Kolysko (R).


Supervisor: Daniel Connell (D), incumbent; James Carroll (R).

Town justice: Michael “Ike” Tyler (R).

Town Council (two seats): Russell Paquette (D), incumbent; Steven Viens (D); Gerald Goulet (D); Timothy Sherman (R), incumbent.


Supervisor: Edward Hatch (D), incumbent; Shaun Gillilland (R).

Town clerk: Bridget Brown (R); Richard Sayward (R).

Town justice: Reginald Bedell (D); Paula Lincoln (D); Gregg Dickerson (R); Clarence Russell (R).

Town Council (two seats): John Thompson (D); Nancy Huestis (R), incumbent; Charles Lustig Jr. (R), incumbent; Lorilee Sheehan (R); Lane Sayward (R).

Highway superintendent: Scott Moran (R).


Supervisor: Incumbent Randy Preston runs as an independent, with petitions due Aug. 20.

Town clerk/tax collector: Linda Lawrence (R); Gerald Bruce (R), incumbent.

Town Council: Dawn Stevens (R), incumbent.

Assessor: David Wainwright (R), incumbent.

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