July 13, 2014

THRIVE Partnership gains national recognition

Program honored with membership to national group

PLATTSBURGH — The Clinton County THRIVE Partnership recently received national recognition for its efforts to improve the area's academic and economic stability.

It is one of fewer than 50 collective-impact partnerships in the United States to earn membership in the national StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, aimed at ensuring opportunities for success for every citizen from birth through to employment.

The local THRIVE is also one of only three groups in the state to achieve such membership.

“That’s pretty exciting for little Clinton County," said THRIVE Project Director Brittany Trybendis.


The public/private partnership is headed by a Leadership Council comprising representatives from a variety of local organizations, including schools, nonprofit groups, businesses and media outlets.

"We’re all working together," Trybendis said.

Within THRIVE are three teams that each focus on a specific portion of the chain from birth to career. They collect, analyze and use data to help track and improve outcomes.


The Environment for Learning Team focuses on early childhood from birth to second grade.

Data related to areas such as early child care and kindergarten orientation assessments is used to determine pre-K and kindergarten readiness in the county and how they can be improved upon.


The Achievement Team addresses grades three through 12 and aims to increase area students' success in school.

The focus, however, is not just on test scores, Trybendis noted, but also on inspiring students to want to do well and to recognize what needs to be done to achieve their future goals.

“Our goal is to hopefully get students on some sort of career path in middle school versus high school," she said.

The Achievement Team has been working with administrators and counselors at schools in Clinton and Essex counties on ways to get students motivated and on track toward a career.

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