July 6, 2014

Riders see county buses as needed service

PLATTSBURGH — Clinton County Public Transportation bus riders say they need the service — even if it winds up costing a little more.

While some county legislators are concerned that a fare increase to try to bolster the system budget would drive away customers, some of those who use the buses are not so sure.

“I would probably still use it if they raised the prices,” Carissa  Lapier said while waiting for a bus at the Cornelia Street hub. “I need to use it.”

Lapier rides the bus about three times a week from her home in the south end of the City of Plattsburgh. She uses the system mostly to do shopping or for appointments, such as doctor visits.

Fares for trips in the city are $1 each way; it is $2 each way outside the city.

“If they raised it to $5 or something like that, then I think a lot of people would stop using it,” Lapier said.

“But if it went up 50 cents, I don’t think people would stop.”

Thomas and Caroline Parent, who live in Champlain, agree with Lapier.

“It’s been awhile since they raised it,” Thomas said.

“I would still ride it because it would still be a good deal.”

Thomas thinks the state should do something to fund the system differently.

“They cut out a lot of routes that to me seemed full because they couldn’t make money on them,” he said. “That doesn’t make sense.”

Caroline said that even though she would probably continue to ride the bus if the rates went up a bit, she does not want to see an increase.

“It’s a lot of money if you use it a lot, and it adds up.”

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