November 10, 2013

Franklin County legislators keep 8 rundown parcels


---- — MALONE — Bids on eight rundown parcels sold at a Franklin County auction were rejected so the eyesores don’t soon end up back in county hands.

Dilapidated buildings on some lots may be demolished so the then-vacant land can be sold for a higher price than the recent auction bids and returned to the tax rolls.

The parcels in flux are all in the Village of Malone and Town of Malone.


County Attorney Jonathan Miller said a committee appointed to review all winning bids made on the Malone properties had concerns because some buildings being sold had been condemned.

The Malone committee included Legislator Marc “Tim” Lashomb (R-Malone), Town Supervisor Howard Maneely, Town Councilor Louise Taylor, Village Board member Hugh Hill and Legislator Gordon Crossman (D-Malone).

They believed the properties would never be properly improved by the new owners and would end up returned to county ownership in a few years in worse condition, Miller said.

A provision in the county’s land-auction policy gives legislators the power to accept or reject any and all bids.


County legislators met in executive session with County Treasurer Bryon Varin on Thursday to discuss the possible land acquisitions and emerged with the list of eight properties that will stay in county hands for now.

They are:

▶ 533 East Main St., full-market value, $37,647.

▶ 14 Harrison Place, full-market value, $41,176.

▶ 189 Duane St., full-market value, $37,647.   

▶ 199 Duane St., full-market value, $43,059.

▶ 73 Rennie St., full-market value, $21,176.

▶ 31 Factory St., full-market value, $2,647.

▶ 384 Brand Road, full-market value, $11,765.

▶ Brand Road vacant lot, full-market value, $4,706.


Miller said the Harrison Place parcel, for example, was sold at the Oct. 23 auction then condemned a few days later by the Village Code Enforcement Office because of its poor condition.

The auction included 78 properties and generated $893,000 in sales and redemptions for the county’s general fund.

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