January 13, 2013

Catching up on winter news

Although we’re experiencing somewhat of a January thaw, we’ve at least been able to enjoy some winter conditions.

Some parts of the North Country barely got a white Christmas and during the week that followed, we got the snow that so many have been waiting for.

It’s been good for the area economy with plenty of ski and snowmobile traffic around. That’s welcome relief for so many businesses in the region that saw so little of such traffic last winter. Still, we could use some more snow as who knows what things will look like after this warm period?

Then there is the ice conditions.

While there is ice for fishermen out there, it is far from perfect. Some of the lakes and ponds had just iced over when the snowfall came and added weight and slush to the conditions. Safety-conscious anglers can check bait and tackle shops as well as scour online sources like’s fishing forum, and a number of forums geared around Lake Champlain.

Hopes are still high that bigger lakes like Schroon, Champlain and Lake George will come through. Usually such lakes don’t button up until the middle or toward the end of January. Again, the warm weather is not favorable for ice and hopefully there won’t be too much damage before things cool down again. There are some tournaments in the making and it would be a shame to see them canceled as some were last year.


The discussion over what should be done to battle and curtail invasive species in Lake George and beyond continues.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that there are a number of separate parties working toward the same goal. The Lake George Park Commission (LGPC) has looked under every stone as they seek a solution. Mandatory boat washing stations and inspections appear to be their solution.

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