September 29, 2013

Editorial: Election letter deadline is Oct. 23

This will be one of the most interesting election seasons in years around here. The Press-Republican provid

es the premiere local outlet for people to share their views on the candidates.

Notable races in high-profile communities and a full slate of town races will make Nov. 5 a busy day. And we know that in the weeks leading up to it, many people will want to express their opinions.

In the City of Plattsburgh, the races for mayor and Common Council seats have already brought a flood of Letters to the Editor. County-level races are also being held all over the North Country. Furthermore, it is town election year, which means that most communities will have positions up for grabs.

The best way to make your opinion known about people who run for office is through a Letter to the Editor. Because we receive so many around this time of year, the Press-Republican sets an election-letter deadline. We want to give you plenty of time to compose your thoughts and get a letter to us, but we also need time to get them all on the editorial page before vote day is upon us.

The deadline this year for election letters is 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23. That gives us just under two weeks to get all the final letters processed and published.

We urge people not to wait until the last week to send a letter. Start those letters coming now. Don’t worry about people forgetting your points. Letters produce strong name recognition and help candidates and their supporters get their message out directly.

We do have some rules for letters:

▶ They can’t be more than 300 words long. 

We use a computer count on letters and will return them to you for trimming if they exceed the length limit. So don’t waste time going through that process.

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