February 3, 2013

Speakout: Feb. 3, 2013



Sidewalks are still left unplowed and shoveled around town. It is difficult for pedestrians to share the road with drivers. Stop being lazy; do your civic duty.


Why is it that it’s OK if I weigh 285 pounds and have a spot on a school sports team, but if I belong to the chess club at 285 pounds, I’m obese?


The number of student athletes with permanent injuries from returning to play sports too early is staggering. No student who gets a head injury should be allowed to return to play any sport for the remainder of the school year.


It disturbs me to see that so many people have to cut down CCC about the layoffs. If they have so much to say why don’t they go to the college board meeting, which is every third Tuesday of the month and voice their concerns?


Kids are stealing from there own parents and selling the items to the pawn shops. When they sell something they stole to the pawn shop, there are no questions, no IDs copied.

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