April 6, 2014

Slow start to trout season means more time to prep

Trout fishing in the area as we know and love may not quite be where we want it to be for a bit.

That still doesn’t keep us from talking about trout fishing, making plans for future outings and perhaps even heading out for an early spring excursion just to kick cabin fever in the butt. 

The Adirondack trout ponds will likely be iced over for the better part of this month, but still there’s some fishing to be had and some things to do to be ready for the season. And a short season it is between ice out and foliation. Not to mention the return of the black flies, which many anglers stomach because that’s usually when the brook trout are biting.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to get at the tackle box. Or, in my case: tackle boxes. I usually reach a point where I bid farewell to the ice fishing season, which was hard to do this year, and focus on getting my warm weather gear together. 

This involves cleaning and putting new line on reels and organizing tackle. Usually there’s something missing after doing all of this, and I’ve got a list to take with me to the bait and tackle shop.

Although it may be a few weeks before the ice goes out on my favorite trout ponds, I also look over my canoes and kayaks. Critters have a way of messing things up a bit, even the boats I keep in my garage. A good cleaning is a great way to start the season and I also make sure to go through my boating gear.


Back in October 2013, just after trout season had closed, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation undertook one of the largest brook-trout pond reclamations in decades. It was the reclamation of the 131-acre Lower Sargent Pond in Hamilton County; one of three ponds under its namesake (Middle and Upper are to the east) in the Sargent Ponds Wild Forest east of Raquette Lake.

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