March 16, 2014

Two vie for Rouses Point mayor

ROUSES POINT — Rouses Point Mayor Francis “Bumper” Baker is running for re-election, challenged by a former mayor, George Rivers.

Rivers served as mayor from 2000 to 2012. He also is a former Rouses Point fire chief.

Both candidates recently talked to the Press-Republican about the village and its future needs.

Do you believe the village needs a full-time administrator?

Baker: “I would like very much to see an administrator. We have a very large budget, and it is time we have someone help us save some money. The state keeps putting more and more on our treasurer with paperwork and regulations, and it is harder and harder to keep up. A full-time administrator can also take care of all our employees as well as the public, and I think it is needed.”

Rivers: “Personally I would say no, we don’t need an administrator. But it will be a decision made by the Village Board based on what the people want. I know a lot of people feel strongly that we need one, and they are entitled to their feelings, but I think we need to take a further look at it and see what is in the budget and whether we can afford it.”

Would you make any changes to the Police Department?

Baker: “I would like to keep it the way it is. We have one full-time and one part-time officer, and I think it is good to have those two on the job, and it is something we can afford.”

Rivers: “I strongly feel we need a strong Police Department. I would like to see one senior officer to do the paperwork required by the state and federal governments, and two full-time patrol officers. Again, this will be a board decision, and we will put it to the people.”

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