February 10, 2013

The way camp should be



Disney’s brothers started as campers in 1968.

“So there has been a member of my family every year here, except for two, since 1968,” she said. “So, for me, this is home. Three of my daughters attended camp here. They all work on staff here.”

Walker’s grandmother once ran Camp MacCready.

“It feels like home,” he said. “It’s comfortable. It’s a very welcoming and loving environment.”

DeGroat, a N.J. native, first attended as an instructor in 2008.

“It’s really like a big family once you’re part of it,” he said. “In the past four and half years, we’ve really tried to extend that family out into the broader community by doing more community events and getting people up here for lectures or break camps or things of that nature to share these wonderful facilities with kids from all over the East Coast, from New Jersey to Quebec City. In summer camp, they’re coming from all over the world.”

“We have a really large international presence in summer camp,” Disney said.

“Quite a few alumni have purchased houses in town, most of them seasonal,” Walker said.

“There are campers that are attending now that their moms were my campers back in the ‘70s or I was on staff with their parents back in the ‘70s,” Disney said. “The legacy is phenomenal. We have great-great-grandchildren of boys that were here back in the day. It really speaks to the feeling of family here.”

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