March 23, 2014

Champy, michigans and the monument

Champy, michigans and the Macdonough Monument are among the images suggested to represent the City of Plattsburgh.

With discussion underway about efforts to beautify the city, the Press-Republican asked Facebook readers what they would like to see on an official city flag.

Here’s a sampling of ideas:

Khristina Heffernan: “Something the represents harmony of the city”

Erin Hunt: “Champy”

Elizabeth Rowe: “The Monument”

Michelle Lynn: “STOP HATE”

Bill Bessette: “Champy rampant, over a field of Michigans. Need a snow plow in there somewhere too.”

John Smith: “Have to have the monument o it”

Dennis Maye: “the lake”

Sarah King: “Let kids come up with designs like they do for the battle of plattsburgh”

Mary E Martineau: “Adirondacks”

Aaron Stanley: “...Hold a contest for designs. Choose designs from entrants and have them professionally ‘realized’ then put it to a community vote. Sure there will be costs involved but they’ll be minimal when spread out across the tax base. Plattsburgh has a rich history and a bright future so any city flag will need to represent so much.”

Greg Cowan: “Maybe a symbol of the battle of Plattsburgh or the airbase.”

Robert L. Pardy: “An outline of the defenders from 1812!!”

Joanne Hebert: “a flag w/ the McDonaugh Monument on it or the battle of dear home town!”

Craig William: “a michigan”

Bill Gough: “Certainly a portion of it devoted to Valcour Island.”

Jay Bleeker: “Did anyone say crow? Maybe a big crow, and it’s perched on the shoulder of Thomas McDonough... And they’re standing on the steps of city hall. Flexing. Both of them.”


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