March 16, 2014

Local guide to New York Fashion Week styles

Even though snow was socking the region this past week, spring is still around the corner, and fashion editors have decided what styles will be trending this season.

Shape-shifting pieces such as geometric-shaped shirts, pastel colors and frilly dresses are just a few.

During New York Fashion Week in September, Balenciaga, Chloé and Alexander Wang were among the high-end collections that included various pieces that can be incorporated into an individual’s personal style.

These brand names may not always be available in local stores, but they are imitable styles.

For fashionistas and fashionistos looking around the region to find the à la mode looks for spring, thrift stores are the main place to be. The goal is know which places have what is currently trending.

DressCode, Fashion Exchange and Not Necessarily New in Plattsburgh have a variety of vintage clothes that have been recycled in the fashion industry for decades, while some are available at chain stores in the area.


The looks from Alexander Wang’s collection carried a cohesive and precise look of athleticism and femininity.

There was: boxy high-waist shorts paired with crop tops; round shape-shifting shoulder leather jackets; calf-length and thigh-length leather dresses; curvy-hip pants; sleeveless shirt dresses; diaphanous hem dresses; pastel colors; blacks and whites; and stiletto heel sandals.

Out of all those looks, there are at least five pieces that are attainable at all three thrift stores mentioned. DressCode offers thigh-length and calf-length dresses, leather jackets, pastel and basic colors and sandals. Some of the trendy looks may not have the same form, such as the round shoulder shape leather jackets from the Balenciaga collection. However the concept can be re-created by putting different pieces together to mold a cohesive look like the styles from this collection.

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