November 2, 2013

Ex-girlfriend testifies in trooper attempted-rape trial

PLATTSBURGH — An ex-girlfriend of Trevor Donah says he strangled her after she told him she was going to contact a woman with whom she thought he was becoming too intimate.

On the stand in Clinton County Court on Friday, the woman said he had become increasingly aggressive and exhibited what she considered bizarre behavior.

Questioned by Franklin County Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Crawford, the woman said she and Donah met in 2007, when he was working as a security guard at CVPH Medical Center in Plattsburgh.

Donah, faced with attempted rape and other charges in this case, sat between his attorneys, listening carefully to his ex-girlfriend testify.

They began what started out as a happy relationship in March of that year, she said, and moved into an apartment on U.S. Oval in the City of Plattsburgh.

Donah left for the Police Academy in August 2007, graduating in February of 2008, she said.


The woman began to cry as she described some incidents of the escalating aggression she said Donah exhibited, including demonstrations of defensive tactics she said he learned at the New York State Police Academy.

He would place his finger on a portion of her jaw near her ear, causing her pain, she said.

“Every time, it would be a sharp shoot of pain, and it wouldn’t go away until he let go.”

It was around that time that the two began to grow apart, Donah’s ex told the jury.

“He started doing more bizarre things,” which included searching the Internet to find a place where a “past life regression” could be performed on him, she said.

He traveled to New York City for the experience, she said.

“He explained to me these past lives he had had.”

Another time, she testified, she was taking a bath, her eyes closed, when Donah entered the bathroom and urinated on her face.

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