February 9, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 9, 2013


---- — Rehabilitation


TO THE EDITOR: The devastating impact of traumatic brain injury is in our awareness more today than ever before because of repeated concussions among professional and amateur athletes, brain trauma sustained in military service and gunshot wounds to the head among survivors who are the target of violence.

The eighth-annual Bridal Show held at the Rainbow Wedding & Banquet Hall in Altona on Jan. 28 once again supported survivors of brain trauma. We would like to thank Jane and Peck Sample, as well as Brannoin Sample and Dean Nephew, for their tireless efforts in organizing this year’s wonderfully successful event.

Thank you to the many brides, grooms, families and friends for their donations. There were 45 vendors, too many to thank directly, however, several businesses went above and beyond to ensure the success of this year’s event. Many thanks to the following vendors: Greer Cicarelli Photography for setting up and hosting the North Country Bridal Expo 2013 website; Sound Obsession for emceeing and providing the music; Ultimate Skin Solutions for the models’ makeup; Hairstyles Unlimited for the models’ hair; Plattsburgh Floral Market for providing flowers for the Fashion Show; and Studley Printing for the posters, tickets and programs.

The donated funds directly support the rehabilitation programs at the North Country Regional Traumatic Brain Injury Center, located on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.


Executive director

Traumatic Brain Injury Center



TO THE EDITOR: Kudos to State Sen. Betty Little and local Assembly members Dan Stec and Janet Duprey, who voted against New York’s unconstitutional gun law, which more accurately should be called the “Citizen Disarmament Act.”

This legislation, rushed onto the books by a heavily Democrat-controlled State Legislature and passed in the dead of night without public comment or discussion, demonstrates precisely why the founders wrote the Second Amendment in the first place.

The founders understood that a lust for power and uncontrolled ambition motivates many politicians and wanted to guarantee that the citizenry had the means to protect itself from abuses of a tyrannical government (see Federalist 28, 29 and 51).

It had nothing to do with how many bullets it takes to kill a deer or how many bullets are allowed in a clip.

As we are witnessing, government today is no less inclined to abuse its power than in the days of King George III. King Andrew’s objective has less to do with promoting public safety than it has to do with promoting his own towering ambition and burnishing a long-shot chance in winning the 2016 Democrat Presidential nomination.

The real issues surrounding the Citizen Disarmament Act are its constitutionality and, more pointedly, what constitutes “infringement” on Second Amendment rights. But the Constitution has never stood in the way of a progressive Democrat with an opportunity.

Those New York legislators who voted in favor of the law probably never considered the Constitution in their haste to strike while the emotional “iron” was hot.

Let’s hope that those who voted against the bill would find a way to challenge it on the grounds that it is unconstitutional and infringes on the “right of the people to keep and bear arms.”