November 24, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 24, 2012


---- — Family’s loss

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated to help my good friend Patty Kelley and her three teenage sons, Zachary, James and Carl, who lost their home on Route 9N, Clintonville, on Oct. 15 due to an accidental fire.

I wish to thank Seth and Trudy Rosenblum (Jay Community News) and Facebook friends for sharing the necessary information regarding the Kelleys’ needs.

As Patty and her sons are trying to overcome their terrible loss while rebuilding their lives, the family of four are very grateful to everyone who has helped them out in some manner.

This is the second tragic loss the family has faced in the past two years. Patty’s husband and the boys’ father, Russ Kelley, passed away unexpectedly.

On behalf of Patty Kelley and her family, I wish to thank the AuSable Valley Central School District’s Teachers Association, as well as numerous faculty members, for their generous offer to host a spaghetti dinner on Nov. 11at the American Legion Post 504 in AuSable Forks.

The proceeds generated will be disbursed to the Kelley family to further assist with the purchase of various items they lost in the fire.

For more information, please contact Donna Ruggeri via email:

Once again, our small community, as well as the North Country, has united in helping its members during their time of need.


AuSable Forks


Holiday Toy Drive

TO THE EDITOR: The sixth-annual Holiday Toy Drive, sponsored by M&M Diner/AuSable Forks, is in full swing, and I am seeking the kindness of the North Country community in helping me make a happy holiday for children/teenagers who are less fortunate.

Economic times continue to be difficult for many in our community, so it’s always an honor to have members and businesses play a role in spreading Christmas cheer.

That being said, at this time, toys (or monetary donations) for boys and girls are needed and greatly appreciated. For teenagers (up to the age of 18 years), monetary donations would be the best way to make a donation as their gifts are more selective than children.

Rolls of wrapping paper, tags, tape and bows are needed.

The support toward the annual Holiday Toy Drive has received for the past five years has been overwhelming, and I wish to thank everyone in advance who is able to contribute a gift or monetary donation in making a child’s Christmas much brighter.

Please send me a private message on Facebook or contact me at 647-8264 or to make a donation or request a confidential application.

For those requesting an application to receive gifts, you must reside in the towns of Jay or Black Brook and are not permitted to combine this Toy Drive with other available charities, such as the JCEO, Clinton County Christmas Bureau, Salvation Army or ACAP Holiday Programs. Each application will be reviewed and cross-referenced with such agencies. The final date applications will be accepted is 9 p.m. Dec. 16 at M&M Diner.


Holiday Toy Drive coordinator


Knights in action

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing to thank the people of the North Country for their faithful support of the 49 Knights of Columbus councils in communities from Champlain to Ticonderoga in the east to the Watertown region in the west.

Thanks to you, in the last year, our 49 councils were able to donate more than $315,000 to parishes and local programs serving youths, the elderly and communities.

While Knights of Columbus councils focus on supporting Catholic parishes, they also contribute volunteers and monetary support for local needs, such as hosting a fundraiser for a family undergoing a medical crisis, conducting a food drive for a food shelf or contributing monies to a local youth sports or scouting program.

Last year, our 5,000 members, supported by their families, contributed more than 105,000 hours of volunteer service supporting these programs.

This is a time of year to be thankful for our Lord’s many blessings. The Knights of Columbus councils in the Diocese of Ogdensburg are grateful for the public’s continuing support.


Northern Conference chairman

Knights of Columbus


Thanks supporters

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank all my supporters who helped me to be elected as the Town of Dannemora highway superintendent.

I really appreciate it. I will make myself available to anyone in the Town of Dannemora to listen to concerns, problems, etc. My number is in the book or contact me at the highway office.

Once again, thank you very much.


Lyon Mountain


Imaginary meeting

TO THE EDITOR: Special (imagined) meeting called by Sheldon Adelson, major contributor to Romney, after the Obama victory, Nov. 8, 2012.

Attendees: Sheldon Adelson ($50 million donor), Koch Brothers ($200 million donors), Marriott brothers ($2 million donors), Bob Perry Texas ($2 million donor) Bob Rawling Texas ($2 million donor), Dick Armey Freedom Works ($5 million donor), Donald Trump (BS-er) and Karl Rove, chairman of Romney campaign funding.

Adelson opened the meeting by asking Karl Rove :

“Karli, vot heppened?”

Rove: “ They must have cheated.”

Koch brothers: “What do you mean, cheated?”

Rove: “I, I, eh, eh, you know, cheated.”

Marriott brothers: “Explain cheating.”

Rove: “Well, you know, they rigged the numbers.”

Dick Armey: “What does that mean, rigged the numbers?”

Rove: “You know, they cheated.”

Donald Trump, “We need a revolution.”

Adelson: “Trump, shut up!”

Perry: “We gave you almost a billion dollars and all you can say is that they cheated?”

Rove: “Well,  not exactly.”

Marriott brothers: “Explain not exactly.”

Bob Rawling: “We’re not getting anywhere.”

Trump: “Yeah.”

Adelson: “Trump, shut up.”

Rove: “Let me try to explain.”

Adelson: “Explain already.”

Rove: “I had it all figured out on paper. We couldn’t lose, we just couldn’t, with all that money, it was impossible.”

Adelson: “So?”

Rove: “I never counted on the American people being smarter than they were when I bulled them for George Bush. I made a mistake; they were smarter “

Adelson, Marriott, Koch, Rawling, Perry, Armey: “We want our money back!”

Trump: “Yeah, we still need a revolution.”

The whole group in concert: “Trump, shut up!”