November 17, 2012

Selling Christmas before Thanksgiving


---- — PLATTSBURGH — The day after Halloween, clerks in many stores were clearing the shelves of pumpkins and pulling out the tinsel.

It seems Christmas merchandise and decorations come out earlier every year.

We wondered what our readers thought of the trend. We posed the question on our Facebook page and received a range of responses.

Here’s a sampling:

Celia Strebendt: “They seem to forget that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. Oh yeah — I forgot — they are making Thanksgiving evening into a Christmas event. I personally will try to boycott the stores that are doing this!”

Mary Bell Buchanan: “Day after? Most places had them out the same time as Halloween. Just pushing for the money. I think society needs to teach our children the meaning of THANKSgiving first. Then Christmas. Kids these days don’t even know the REAL reason for Thanksgiving and Christmas and it’s sad!”

Melisa Feimann: “I think we should do one holiday at a time.”

Jamie Conklin Larche: “I think, ‘Who cares? I will pay attention when I am good and ready!’ Business is business.

Jami Huse: “Makes me mad!!! Where we live xmas stuff was already out at Halloween, and I was like wow; Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet :(”

Belinda Burkhart: “Too commercial. But people choose to shop so clearly it’s not the businesses’ fault.”

Hannah Bushey: “I missed out on the holidays last year because my son was in the NICU ( in Vermont from mid October to January, so this year I am fine with Christmas stuff early, I need to make up for last year.”

Cindy Drollette: “You don’t have to buy, but it does allow for earlier thinking and planning. Peter has to stay up with Paul, so if one does it, the rest have no choice.”

Cheryl Breen Randall: “One holiday at a time for me.”

Jan Washburn: “Avoiding the box stores with their junk and Christmas music. Shopping local. Jay, NY, this weekend! Youngs Gallery, The Jay Craft Center. Sales and beautiful handmade gifts. Lots of choices to shop local everywhere. Find them.”

Margaret Balko: “If the businesses did not find it effective (more income), it wouldn’t happen. People must be buying.”

Helen Gervais Butchino: “It is corporate greed ... it seems like all retail stores forget about the Thanksgiving holiday and just go right to Christmas ... so so sad.”

Ann Jason Whalen: “I think that is way too early, just like the way they bring out bathing suits in January :/”

Noreen Barcomb: “I can handle the decorations and merchandise although I don’t like it but I HATE the Christmas music before December.”

Don LaPoint: “I think retailers can do whatever they feel like to grow their business.”

Jason Thompson: “I say way too early but companies are becoming greedy. I preach to mine all the time; it’s not about what you get for xmas, it’s the thought behind it, and it’s about time with your family. People seem to have forgotten this.”

Jennifer Larmon Hicks: “It is way too much. I keep waiting for Christmas to become a year-round department in stores. I also agree that stores should not be open on Thanksgiving. Whatever happened to spending quality time at home with your family?”

Toni Infante Anderson: “I like it; it makes me happy.”



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