November 30, 2013

Speakout: Nov. 30, 2013


Please pray every day, even if you aren’t religious. Prayer teaches patience, gives us hope and calms the busyness of our lives.


A large majority do not agree with Obamacare, yet politicians are still trying to ram this down our throats. They believe it’s flawless and i’s the best thing to happen to health care. Time to get these children out of office; you, as taxpayers, are wasting your money supporting them.


Be kind to your pets and children. If you are stressed or angry, go talk to somebody. Do not take it out on them. Stop abusing the ones you love.


Parents need to understand that their children are not everyone else’s responsibility. Take charge of your life and stop whining. If you cannot handle the stresses of being a parent, then you shouldn’t have had kids.


I will no longer support Republicans. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and working to find a solution to the problems bringing affordable health care to the majority of Americans, they simply criticize, blame and try to shoot down any effort to help Americans and their health-care needs.


Why not take the money it will cost for a Christmas party and give to employees? We need more money, not a party to spend a free night with people we work with all day long. We have family we rather spend free time with.

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