June 14, 2014

Local kids talk stars and stripes

AuSABLE FORKS — To Kelci Pelkey, today is a day intended to recognize the endurance of the American flag. 

"We celebrate it in honor of our flag still standing after the wars," said the fourth-grader at AuSable Forks Elementary School.

For third-grader Zachary McLean, however, Flag Day is really meant "to celebrate our freedom from British and all those other people we fight."

And to Lillian Tuller Uss, it is not about war at all. 

“It’s because people want to honor our flag on a special day, and they want to show everyone that it’s a day to honor our flag," the third-grader said. 


The Press-Republican recently asked the trio and some of their schoolmates to share what they know about Old Glory, its origin and other patriotic matters. 

Haley Hickey is fairly certain that the American flag boasts 50 stars, which, the third-grader noted, are "for the countries of the United States."

According to Kelci, however, the stars actually represent states, and there are 60 of them. 

But there was a time when the flag had only 13 stars, Arielle Coolidge said. 

"There was 13 colonies, and now there are 50 states, so they changed it," the fourth-grader explained. 

"More states kept coming and coming, so they added a star every time a new state came," added Kolby Furnia. 


As for the flag's stripes, Haley noted, there are eight of them — though, she's not sure what significance, if any, that number holds. 

Kolby, however, disagrees. 

"There's 13 stripes because of the original 13 colonies," the fourth-grader explained. 

"I think there's 15 red and 30 white," Kelci said. "I think that's what fit on the flag."

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