October 12, 2013

Readers angry about government shutdown


---- — PLATTSBURGH — Press-Republican Facebook readers have strong sentiments to direct toward Congress right now.

We asked readers to express their feelings about the current government shutdown. Here’s a sampling of the responses:

Jason Goodspeed: “We knew it was eventually coming to this! It’s only going to get worse. Things need to change and (it) starts with the man in charge!

Daniel L Wilson: “Love my country. Hate my government.”

Woody Woodard: “Impeachment proceedings should have began months ago ....”

Kimberley Baker: “What the Republicans, pushed by their extremist Tea Party wing, are doing is shameful.”

Jessie French: “My mortgage process is now on hold!!! They need to get their act together.”

Craig Hart: “It is called checks and balances people. Thank God for it!”

James Alexander: “My mortgage is on hold; was supposed to close the 3rd.”

Roxanne Barber: “Angry, what are people suppose to do that work and have kids and just need a little assistance. I am a mother of 4, I am on WIC, as formula is outrageously priced; how can anyone afford it when our minimum wage is only $7.15. I am just praying this doesn’t last long because we are just making it by now with paying our bills. If I lose my WIC, I will seriously become in debt.”

Tania Soloski: “I was just speaking with someone that needs heating assistance this winter and is having a hard time getting it set up because of this. I thought this was ‘a government for the people...’”

Andrea LaMora DuBray: “Vote no incumbent in every congressional election.”

Rachel Armstrong: “It’s scary being a government employee. I have never been ashamed of being a government employee, but I am. I am a single mom, and this shutdown is really stressing me out.”

Craig Lane: “I’m more concerned with the government’s inability to produce balanced budgets and pay down the debt they’ve already accumulated.”

Trish Gadway Carr: “How do I feel about our government shutdown? Sick to my stomach. My husband is employed by the government. His position is deemed essential, which means he goes to work every day the government is shut down but does it for free. His pay is frozen, but our bills are not, along with the hundreds of thousands of other families of furloughed or essential employees. Honestly, right now I don’t care about WIC, Head Start or people who have to deal with their mortgage being delayed, etc... Taking away employees’ pay should never be something used as a bargaining tool. Both parties need to get their stuff together and end this now.”

Richard Armand Patrie: “It is still 83% open and taxes are still being collected. This isn’t a shutdown. We pay for 800,000 non-essential government workers. That is the issue, not Obamacare, not parks. 800,000 unnecessary employees and a Fed that prints and borrows money to feed the government’s addiction. I encourage everyone to avoid paying taxes to starve the beast.”

Edward Lavigne: “Three branches of government all led by men with huge egos. Result they blame each other for the problem, and nothing gets accomplished.”

Karen Otley: “Absolutely horrible!!! My husband is retired USAF and may not get the little bit of money he is supposed to next month.....25 years and nothing!”

Jackie Pangborn: “I am sorry to see families going without because they are not getting paychecks. I am glad to see that the Republicans are holding their ground. They should have done this long ago. Obama refuses to negotiate, he is acting like a spoiled baby that is not getting his way. They need to start looking out for what is best for we the people. Obamacare needs to go, if this is their way of righting a wrong that has been done, so be (it).”

Trish Gadway Carr: “Obamacare shouldn’t be an issue at this point. Wasn’t it over a year ago that it was passed by Congress and Senate and then found to be constitutional and upheld by the Supreme Court? Both parties are to blame, but I have to say that the GOP is mostly responsible for this shutdown. They are intentionally using it as leverage when it shouldn’t be. I’m not saying I’m for Obamacare or against it, but it is irresponsible to shutdown the government to get your way because you didn’t the first time around. Now they are in talks to raise the debt ceiling but keep the government shut down. It should be all or nothing!”

Gerhardt Perry: “How is Obamacare, i.e. the Affordable Care Act, a failure when it hasn’t even really started yet? The Republicans are scared to death that it is going to succeed. I say give it a shot, if it fails then game over but if it succeeds the tea baggers are finished.”

Melissa Facteau: “This shutdown makes it hard to brag that I live in the best country in the world. How dare we ask young men and women to fight for this country when this country has abandoned them.”



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