March 22, 2014

City agrees to change its zoning law

PLATTSBURGH — The City of Plattsburgh Common Council unanimously agreed to make a change to its zoning law that would allow for a hotel to be built near Plattsburgh International Airport.

The Clinton County Legislature is seeking to develop a hotel on a 12-acre parcel next to the airport terminal off Route 22.

The site had once housed the Alert Facility on the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base.

The property is located within the city and zoned for industrial use, so a hotel was not permitted.

The City Council agreed at last week’s meeting to change the law so a hotel could be built.

“I am glad to see this take place,” Councilor Dale Dowdle (R-Ward 3) said.

“It will be one less obstacle if someone wants to take the next step closer to developing a hotel.”


The county sought bids from developers for a hotel project, but none were submitted by the March 4 deadline.

County officials speculated that the county’s requirement for a 40-year lease may have turned off some developers.

They are regrouping and will seek bids again later this year.

The change to the city zoning law takes effect immediately.

County Deputy Administrator Rodney Brown said the zoning amendment will help the county’s efforts.

“If they didn’t change it, developers would have to wait and see if they could go forward, but now they will be assured that a hotel will be allowed,” he said.

He said the county has talked to a few developers who were interested in submitting proposals.

He said their main concerns were they wanted a longer lease so they could recoup their investment over the long haul.

The county is seeking to rent the property to a developer who would own the hotel building itself.

“Once the 40 years is up, we would then own the building,” Brown said.

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