May 11, 2013

Speakout: May 11, 2013


Any criminal who attempts to buy a gun faces a mandatory five-year prison term. Under Obama’s injustice department there have been almost zero prosecutions of criminals who attempt to buy guns. What good is expanding background checks?


Budget shortfalls are not the fault of area teachers. Look to the governor and the state as the cause of school money woes. Don’t vote no to school budgets to punish the teachers.


Maybe we can now thing about all the cigarette butts on the ground. Do you know how much poison is in those little filters? Butts are washed into our sewers, river and lake. It poisons our fish and our community.


Success in life is not about a test. It’s about working hard, giving 110 percent and being a team-player. Ambition and an excellent work attitude are the keys to success, which are not measured on a test.


Since the terrorists used pressure cookers in the Boston bombings, I think we should limit the size of pressure cookers, require a background check on anyone purchasing one and require all existing ones to be registered.


A big thank you to school custodians. Some people may not know what your job entails: picking up sick children’s vomit, cleaning toilets, scrubbing floors, plus more. I know that teachers or principals do not even acknowledge your hard work.


Thumbs up for calling out the State Ed spokesman in your editorial for his ridiculous comment. As if one test when you are 9 years old determines the next 50 years of your life (career readiness) or a parent’s concern indicates apathy. Forget the Common Core; how about common courtesy from state officials?


Congress passed and Obama signed the repeal of the stock act. Our congresspeople can now use legislation to enhance stock value.

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