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Speakout: Sept. 5, 2013

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Posted: Thursday, September 5, 2013 3:25 am


Please use a turn signal when parallel parking. Otherwise, there’s no way for the cars behind you to know to give you extra room to back up. Besides being the legal thing to do, it saves everyone time and grief.


North Country, we need to watch. We tend to be reactive instead of proactive. If you know for a fact that a living creature is a victim of neglect and in danger, go to the authorities. The local pet store situation cannot repeat itself.


Pull into the convenience store, employees have taken all the front parking spots, and this is all day. E-mailed corporate and made a suggestion; this was two months ago, and nothing changed.


Problem with Parks in RP? See the manager. That’s what I do, and he is always very accommodating. The department was reduced twice in the last year.


If an individual is worried about the appearance of the Village of Rouses Point, then maybe they should attend a public meeting and stick up for the Recreation Department, whose staffing has been cut nearly in half over the past year.


Are spectators so lazy they have to park on the grass at the Oval, causing damage and expense to taxpayers. There are two parking lots available. Who is policing this? Try modeling a little for your athletes.


As a retired Georgia-Pacific employee of 39 years, I am not alone in saying that we all appreciate the retirement party that is put on every year, especially the 50-year celebration. The gifts were wonderful, the food was great, and the company was excellent. Thank you.


Just because kids turn 18 doesn’t mean you as a parent have to kick them out of your life. I can’t think of a better time for a parent to be in their kid’s life. A lot going on, and they need parents to help them out.


I’m happy to see that they are finally closing prisons, and I don’t care who loses their job because of it. Thanks to law enforcement’s great work, the crime rate in NYS has dropped, therefore there doesn’t need to be as many places to facilitate criminals.


I give blessing to my children every day, and that’s by being there for them, making a loving home for them, by taking them to the doctor if they’re sick, by teaching them to be respectful to people.


Heavy trucks have ruined Chesterfield Street in Keeseville. It is in terrible shape and needs paving.


Congressman Owens, if you want to have a lasting legacy on the North Country, do everything in your power to have a bridge constructed from Cumberland Head to Vermont. It is a warranted project that would create jobs and be potentially paid for by tolls.


Home and business owners in the city, please remember to trim any bushes hanging over sidewalks.


Great idea, a city-owned marina. Maybe the City could open a few restaurants, too, and how about a car dealership?



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