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Speakout: Oct. 24, 2012

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Posted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 3:25 am


Pajama day was something kids did for a high-school fundraiser, not meant to be taken as a serious option for adult daily clothing wear. Speaking of clothing, most adults now dress like 8-year-olds; I can only tell the kid from the parent by height.


People put homeless in unhealthy motel rooms and also these same people put little ones in homes where they are hurt read bad; take it from someone who’s been there.


Natural gas ... where is it? It’s not on Banker Road. The new business at the end is going to get it, but the residents still don’t have it.


I’m sick of people complaining about Oak Street; it is by far the most beautiful street in the city. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on its glory.


Any reason why the flag isn’t being flown at Rouses Point Elementary School?


You want a church wedding? You want your kids baptized in church? You want a church funeral Mass or service for your parents/grandparents? My question: Why don’t you go to church all the weeks and months in between those events?


To those who want to create residency laws on sex offenders on the registry. How would this really help? It would make it harder for them to find places to live. Many times, residency laws are overturned since they cause more issues than they resolve.


Congratulations on your funding, The funny part of this is: For what? We need an airline in to fly to Punta Gorda, Fla. In fact, flights were full. Why not work on this instead of expansion?


It is not a high-paying job but high enough to where any help I receive from Department of Social Services will be taken away. So I’m thinking I need to quit and receive all the help from the state. Why is quitting a job good for me?


Please treat your grandkids the same, whether they live with you or not. Don’t keep buying for some and do the least for the rest. Do you think they can’t see what your doing?It wouldn’t hurt to pick them up a little something now and then.


New York state, let’s start taxing social-services checks for people who have been on it for more than three years then claim their income-tax money.


I heard on the national news Sept. 19 that oil is at a record low per barrel. How come gas is going up 5 cents per week around here?


What’s this North Country phenomenon of wearing pajamas to the mall, grocery store, hospital, school, etc. Usually a female. Let’s complete the outfit and not forget the slippers. Come on, have some self respect and look decent instead of like you just crawled out from under a rock.



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