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Speakout: Nov. 14, 2013

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Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013 2:25 am


Bicyclists, like motorists, should have to take driver’s tests and pay a license fee and insurance premiums to ride the city streets. They are the weak link in the accident chain. Chicago is doing it; it’s been done in Europe for decades.


How can we allow the ultra rich left to govern our lives? Mainly because they have control of the immigration issue, where votes are illegally tendered by aliens who have no right to vote. Be assured our constitution is being breached by a socialist movement.


Hype over the Obamacare issue is slowing down our ability to conduct normal governmental issues. Are the rich and misguided Democrats willing to let our country be a nation of equals?


A recent Speakout correspondent seems to be lamenting the lack of a football team at Seton and PHS. I say, good for them. Not only are they saving a tremendous amount of money, but they also are not subjecting their students to the risk of serious injury, including concussion.


With regards to tipping, some customers are generous tippers and some are not. Your employer relies on both in order to keep its doors open. It’s a hazard of the trade; take the bad with the good.


Want to know who to vote for in every election? Whoever is not on the signs in the yards of the rich homes in your town.


We wouldn’t need NSA to spy on American citizens if we didn’t allow everybody and their brother enter the country illegally or at least with an agreement that they will be monitored for 10 years after citizenship. People shouldn’t be so quick to want the immigration bill to pass.


Don’t like that evil socialism that is a national health-care proposal? Then do not ever use Medicare or Medicaid, both nationalized health programs run by the government. And I hope you aren’t getting Social Security, another socialized government program.


It is inconceivable that so many bad things that happen in our government are unknown to the people in the highest offices until they actually happen. Is no one briefing their bosses about the potential? If not, they should be fired. I’m sick of plausible deniability excuses.


As far as tipping goes, as long as the service is good the tip will be as well. If not, then you will not get a good tip.


As a teacher, I am discouraged how parents believe that it is the teacher’s responsibility to do the parents’ job. I am here to teach your child, not raise them. Please stop blaming other people and be a responsible parent.


Ask your pharmacist before you get your flu shot if they are charging a fee to give you your shot. I was shocked to find my pharmacy charging a $15 fee.


President Obama has something in common with an early 20th century humorist named Will Rogers. They share a favorite expression: “All I know is what I read in the newspapers.”



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