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Speakout: Jan. 9, 2014

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Posted: Thursday, January 9, 2014 2:25 am


They say the road to H--- is paved with good intentions. Could anything be more true when tax revenue from marijuana sales in Colorado go to education? Similarly, New York State Lotto profits supposedly go to education. What message is the public supposed to derive from this? Smoke pot and gamble more?


What kind of a boss sends an employee out in minus-11-degree weather to make deliveries in a vehicle with no heat? This person should be severely reprimanded or at the least be made to do the same job and see how they like it.


How many bullets does a magazine hold? Are you that bad of an aim? What are you shooting? What war is in your head? Violence in America is the highest among any country.


Witnessed: A vehicle bearing New York state magistrate’s license plates, with the driver of the vehicle talking on a cell phone. Local members of the judiciary are exempt from state “no cell phones while driving” laws? That magistrate can fine you or me for violating the law.


Burlington has a bustling, vibrant downtown. They’re a college town, have a charming downtown and waterfront. Citizens and tourists support their local stores, restaurants and artists. Why not Plattsburgh? We have all that but cannot seem to sustain that civic vibrancy. We have the raw materials. Let’s do it.


People in the North Country just don’t get it. If restaurants pay their employees minimum wage then 1) they’re going to raise prices, meaning you’ll pay the same as before 2) service will be bad because servers won’t be trying to get good tips.


I would like to thank the person who visits my daughter’s grave site at St. Peter’s, but do you have to take something every time you go? you took the battery from the candle, then the flowers. My daughter was a giving person — she would have given them to you.


What is the reason of using a phone on an airplane? You really cannot wait until the flight is over?


Why does New York state sell hunting licenses to convicted felons? A felon can’t own a gun. Oh, wait — it’s all about the money.


I agree that, with snow, sidewalks should be cleaned. But, as a homeowner who worked for two days clearing ice from my driveway and sidewalk, I request your patience and understanding for sidewalks not yet finished.


I am happy to clean my sidewalks within a reasonable period of time after a storm. I ask that people use the sidewalks instead of cutting across my lawn on foot and or on bikes.



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