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Speakout: Aug. 17, 2014

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Posted: Monday, August 18, 2014 3:25 am


When you pay lot rent, you expect it covers something. Now it only covers the land, nothing else. You have to pay for the water you use; not fair.



I think the Town of Plattsburgh needs some diagonal speed bumps on Rand Hill Road between the American Legion and Morrisonville hill. Speeding and noise is terrible there. And the noisy motorcycles don't impress us either. A diagonal speed bump would cure that fast.



I just want to say that the person who yelled at me in the Target parking lot about leaving a shopping cart near the curb: It was not in the way, I was not going to leave my granddaughter in the car, and it really was none of your business.



State parks campgrounds are virtually empty. Many local campgrounds have plenty of spaces. If the "shopping center campers" stayed at the correct facilities, it would generate local spending, taxes and help keep the state park campgrounds open.



Went to the marina area to go kayaking. In front of the entrance way to the city dock was a pile of trash overflowing the receptacle. The shore of the river was littered with trash and bottles, and the "outhouse" was disgusting.



I am beyond disgusted with the lack of cleanliness at the City Beach. Aren't there people paid to keep these up? As a mother of small children, I refuse to let them use the bathroom unless they need to have a bowel movement. It's disgusting and needs to be addressed.



Yes, jail is for punishment, but it should also serve as a place for rehabilitation and outside programs for support and accountability partners. If we fail as a community to deliver and not support those who fall short of good conduct, your jail will remain over capacity.



The mask I wear is unbearable, so hard to breath. I try to hide the pain, grief and sorrow of a shattered heart. No one should judge me or gossip until they have walked in my shoes — the shoes of a mother who has lost a child. 



To the city councilors, great job on the bike lanes; you have just reduced the tourists that will be coming to our city. Let's not fix the streets like Sanborn or Cogan; let's use the money to help the bikers, who don't pay city taxes.



Take back your neighborhood from drugs. Write down plate numbers and give to DA, state police or local police. Don't give your name if you don't want to. This is for Clinton, Franklin and Essex counties. Need to clean up the towns and city.



In your obituary notices, you sometime mention that a person will have full military honors at his or her funeral. Is there such a thing as partial military honors? Also, is it possible to go one day without a picture of a local female with a tattoo in your newspaper?



We need to thank the two guys who were driving in the grey truck by our apartment house on Cumberland Avenue and saw our place on fire. We never got their names, but we all were very lucky they stopped and got us all out.



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