Letters to the Editor: Oct. 30, 2013

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Posted: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 3:25 am

Conviction, character

TO THE EDITOR: As recent national events clearly demonstrate, few politicians appear to care about the people they represent.

It is nearly impossible to find a person willing to put the interest of his constituents above everything and everyone else. Paul “Crusher” O’Connell is one of those rare individuals.

Having known Paul for more than 40 years (we were classmates at MAI, Class of 1973), I can say without hesitation that he is one of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure to know and to be able to continue to call a true friend.

Paul has always been a natural but quiet leader. Paul has never sought individual praise or awards but instead has always put others first. If every person in public office were more like Paul, politicians would be held in higher regard.

Throughout his life, Paul has demonstrated strength of character, conviction to his principles, commitment to his family, respect for other and honesty beyond reproach.

I have no doubt that anyone who has ever had the opportunity to meet Paul and spend a few moments with him would agree with me is saying that Paul O’Connell will be the best councilor that Ward 4 has ever elected.

If I were fortunate enough to live in Plattsburgh today (even though I left in 1977, I continue to maintain close ties to the North Country), I would want Paul to represent me.

I sincerely hope that everyone in Ward 4 goes to the polls and votes for Paul “Crusher” O’Connell, the only man for the job.


Irving, Texas


Positive values

TO THE EDITOR: On behalf of my father, Sherman DuBrey, I am writing this letter to show support for his candidacy for Beekmantown councilman.

Although some may interpret this letter as being a biased opinion, I feel that the residents should know what I know about the man who has raised me.

My father has instilled many positive values that come into being a good person in the community. Such values and morals have been derived from the lifestyle that was instilled upon him from a child.

He is a hard-working individual, which includes working full time as a New York state correction officer, completing projects around his house or helping a friend or neighbor who is in need of a hand.

He is able to stay disciplined and work under strict timelines. His work ethic will bring the residents of Beekmantown assurance that their voices will be spoken for at monthly meetings.

He is honest, true and committed. If he tells you he is going to get something done, he will.

Although he may not have all of the answers or if he is unsure he will tell you, but it will not stop there, he will find out the information and get you your answer.

He is approachable and demonstrates patience when listening to what others have to say, even in disagreements.

He will listen, be your voice and represent the Town of Beekmantown.

I urge you to support and vote for, my father, Sherman DuBrey this Election Day, Nov. 5.




Record of service

TO THE EDITOR: This year, we have an opportunity to elect a very good person to Beekmantown Town Council.

Sherm DuBrey is an honest, hard-working life resident of our town.  Sherm has a long-standing record of public service and will serve our town well. 

I’ve known Sherm for more than 30 years; he gives and donates endless hours to support labor unions, to school boards and youth groups.

I have watched Sherm for many years; he is always giving a helping hand and always has the right advice to “get the job done, the right way.”

Sherm, through “union business,” has helped more people than I can count. He is always truthful, caring and honest. Sherm is a proven leader, with a need to help those in need, if you are for lowering taxes — an open person, with the best ethics I have seen.

Please join our family and vote for Sherm DuBrey, Nov. 5.




Forward thinking

TO THE EDITOR: I first got to know Bruce Lawson about 10 years ago when we served on the Board of Directors for our local Red Cross chapter.

It was clear that Bruce was already a leader. The other board members knew that he was thoughtful and respected everyone’s opinion. We all paid attention to Bruce’s comments because he always did his homework and knew what he was talking about.

Since then, I’ve observed that this is Bruce’s style. Thoughtful, knowledgeable, experienced leadership. Bruce is now a candidate for Plattsburgh City Council in Ward 5, and I cannot think of anyone more qualified.

He has a business background. He worked his way up in the broadcasting business and spent 14 years as general sales manager for WPTZ television. I’ve seen him work with budgets, and he knows what he is doing. I’ve also seen how he works to bring out the best of everyone around him.

He is active in our community and serves on the United Way Board of Directors. He also plays music and helps run Palmer Street Coffeehouse concerts. He is already working to grow our arts community.

Bruce Lawson is committed to the City of Plattsburgh. He is forward thinking, and understands the economic realities.

This is the kind of person we need in City Hall.

Please join me in supporting Bruce Lawson for Plattsburgh City Council Ward 5 on Election Day.




Best advocate

TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing to express my support for Peter Ensel for Plattsburgh City Council.

I have known Peter for more than 16 years, during which time I have seen him wear various “hats,” from college professor and chairman of the Communications Department to

father, husband and friend.

As an undergrad, I was lucky enough to experience his support for his students first-hand. He challenged me to think beyond the walls of Plattsburgh State and encouraged me to think about what comes next. He shared his contacts with industry leaders and helped me to further advance my own post-college career, even before I ever left campus.

Since leaving Plattsburgh State, Peter and I have kept in contact. I hear from him often, flagging my attention to resumes of current students that should not be overlooked. He remains his students’ best advocate, something I admire both personally and professionally.

As a member of the Plattsburgh State Communication Department’s Alumni Advisory Board, I have personally observed Peter’s leadership abilities. He is leading the charge

on the upgrades that the Communications Department needs in order to stay competitive. He does not accept “no” easily and is tireless in his pursuit to want more for his students and the Plattsburgh State community as a whole.

These qualities, plus his drive, his persistence and his determination, will serve his constituents well if elected to the City Council.

I am honored to call him a colleague, but even more honored to call him my friend.

The City of Plattsburgh would be lucky to have a man like Peter Ensel on its side.


North Babylon


Taxpayers first

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to ask for you join me on Nov. 5 to vote for my father, Paul Lamoy.

He is not only the perfect man for the job, but he is the most knowledgeable and will do the best job.

My dad has served the Town of Plattsburgh for the past five years as a Plattsburgh town councilman. He has proved to the taxpayers that he puts them first when making decisions, because he is also a hard-working taxpayer in the Town of Plattsburgh.

He is a high school and youth baseball and softball umpire as well as a hockey referee assigner. My father also coached hockey for numerous years and helped children grow and strive to become a better person. 

To me, my dad is someone to look up to and strive to be more like. He has taught me how to work hard for what I want and never stop until you get there; that is exactly how he is.

He is open minded and someone you can come to him, to ask questions and get answers. However, if he does not immediately have the answer he will find one.

So please join me and support Paul Lamoy on Nov. 5 for Plattsburgh town councilor. Of the two votes you can cast, make my father, Paul Lamoy, your first.




Supports Lawson

TO THE EDITOR: Despite my distance from politics, I must once again air my support for a local candidate.

I first met Bruce Lawson through our mutual association with the American Red Cross. He was a thoughtful and well-balanced member of the board of the local chapter, who consistently used his open-mindedness and his expertise to help guide the organization in keeping its feet on the ground while achieving its goals. He will do no less for city government and its taxpayers.

I warned the city 15 years ago that budget challenges were looming, and it didn’t take long for them to start surfacing.

We need people who know and understand the numbers. We need people who have vision. We need people who are creative. We need people who are team players but also strong enough to stand up and be counted.

Bruce is your man.

This year, we will elect an inexperienced Common Council. Your vote for Bruce Lawson for Ward 5 City councilor is critical.

Please remember what’s at stake when you go to the polls on Nov. 5.




Consensus builder

TO THE EDITOR: I am pleased to endorse Paul Lamoy for Plattsburgh Town Council.

During his term, he has proven himself as a leader and consensus builder.

As a former town employee, he was always looking for new innovative ways to do things better and save taxpayer money. He is willing to spend the time to learn what is involved in each department and, in mine, spent 18 hours in a plow truck to understand what the job required.

His community service is unmatched, and he is dedicated to any task he takes on. He has voted with the taxpayer in mind even if it meant voting against his political party.

I hope you will join me in re-electing Paul Lamoy for Plattsburgh Town Council. He will continue to work to make this a better place to live at a price we can all afford.





Integrity, honesty

TO THE EDITOR: It has been my great pleasure and privilege to know Joshua Kretser, who is running for a Common Council seat in Ward 6.

He is a man about town: civic-minded, politic, highly engaged and focused on ensuring a vibrant and strong community for every citizen.

If service to others is the rent we pay for being, let us note some of Joshua’s service to the community here.

He is member of the Board of Directors of the Plattsburgh Rotary Club and the Plattsburgh Roller Derby League. He serves as chairman for the arts for the Clinton County Task Force Steering Committee Vision2Action.

He is a campaign committee member for Clinton Community College’s Clearly Clinton Campaign and serves as a member of the Special Events Committee of the Clinton Community College Foundation.

As well, he serves as a member of the Special Events Committee for the CVPH Foundation. He is a member of the art advisory board for Plattsburgh International Airport and is an ambassador for the North Country Chamber of Commerce.

He is an active member of the Downtown Association and the Adirondack Young Professionals, and he is a volunteer for the American Heart Association Plattsburgh Heart Walk and the Go Red for Women dinner.

In addition, he is a small-business owner with a vested interest in the revitalization and economic success of downtown Plattsburgh.

If you’ve worked with Josh at a North Country Lumber Jill’s event or at a CVPH fundraising themed party or simply sat beside him at a noon luncheon Rotary Club meeting, you know you will have found him unfailingly patient, attentive and committed to his task at hand.

You will have found someone who while working on finer details, sees the larger picture, envisions a brighter future, for the City of Plattsburgh.

The adage “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it” bears great truth.

In Joshua Kretser, you will find a representative who is sincere, conscientious, and forthright.

Please join me in voting for Joshua Kretser on Nov. 5.




Calnon endorsed

TO THE EDITOR: AFSCME members provide a key service to the city, so as both members and taxpayers, it’s key to us that the operations of the city remain on course.

Both Calnon and AFSCME understand the important role that government-union relations will serve after the coming election. It’s a key relationship required to continue providing affordable city services.

As a councilor, Jim Calnon has also served as the city’s budget officer and liaison to the Health Care Task Force.

The proposed 2014 budget is $54.2 million. That’s a budget that requires proper management. Working professionally with Councilor Calnon as liaison to the Health Care Task Force, we have full confidence that as mayor he is capable of handling such a budget.

With 24 years experience as executive director of the Workforce Investment Board, Calnon also understands the importance of jobs and how they affect the maintenance and growth of municipal operations.

ASFCME employees enjoy their work and want to continue providing quality services to the city. We look forward to helping with any new opportunities that requires labor from our membership, and Calnon recognizes that.

Local government-union relations are key not just for today but for the future of Plattsburgh.

I feel that electing Jim Calnon for mayor would result in a seamless transition with little or no learning curve.

An AFSCME contract is overdue after being in negotiations since 2009, but we were also concerned when Mayor Kasprzak announced he wasn’t running. This brought on discussion of a potential city manager again.

As both a city employee and city taxpayer for more than 34 years and now as ASFCME Local 788 president, the AFSCME Board and I felt Jim Calnon is the right man for the job.





Council candidates

TO THE EDITOR: Tom Metz and Bill Brudvig have diverse experiences and abilities to contribute significantly to the Plattsburgh Town Council.

Tom is a retired U.S. Air Force veteran, a retired adjunct professor at SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton Community College and a resident of the town for 32 years. Bill is the owner of Heritage Homes NY LLC, real estate development and home building. His knowledge of fair housing and business law is applied while working as general manager and comptroller for Renaissance Village Suites.

Both candidates actively support their communities. Tom has served multiple terms as board member then president of the Cliff Haven Homeowners Association. He is deeply committed to working with youth groups and Boy Scouts.

Bill served on the Town Zoning Board of Appeals. He is a founding member of the Adirondack Builders Association, past president and long-serving treasurer. He has worked on the Strand and Valcour lighthouse projects.

Tom’s budget experience includes building, and staying within, mufti-million-dollar budgets for the Boy Scouts Adirondack Council. He now serves as a board member for the Twin Rivers Council, responsible for 11,000 youth and 800 volunteers in 13 counties.

For nearly 30 years, Bill has worked to spend money effectively. As a business owner and general manager/comptroller, he works constantly with budgets and budgetary constraints.

Tom and Bill have the commitment and fiscal experience to help return the Town of Plattsburgh to its former financial well-being. They support initiatives to attract people and businesses to our area. They are dedicated to responsibly develop access to and enjoyment of the fine resources of our area. 

Tom and Bill will work for town residents to address their ideas and concerns.

Please vote for Tom Metz and Bill Brudwig to serve on the Plattsburgh Town Council.




Exceeded expectations

TO THE EDITOR: Years ago, I supported Michael Morales for Beekmantown Town Council because I wanted a councilor who would critically analyze issues, listen to all sides, work hard and conduct business in an open and transparent manner.

Mr. Morales has exceeded my expectations in all of these areas. I would strongly encourage all Beekmantown residents to re-elect Mr. Morales as Beekmantown town councilor.

Mr. Morales has set a standard by which other elected officials can be measured against. As a board member on the Beekmantown Central School District, I measure myself against this standard.

On Nov. 5, please get out and vote for Michael Morales for Beekmantown Town Council.




Excellent addition

TO THE EDITOR: It is my pleasure to write this letter of support for Peter Ensel, candidate for City Councilor in Ward 4.

I have known Peter personally and professionally for the last five to six years and believe he has the necessary background, expertise and attitude to make an excellent addition to the City of Plattsburgh’s governing body.

Many of us have known Peter as a respected member of the SUNY Plattsburgh faculty since 1988, where he teaches in the Communications Department and directs the Plattsburgh State Television Program.

I have had the opportunity to work with Peter in both of these capacities in my professional life and have always found him to be extremely committed to the students, his department and the university itself.

As a SUNY Plattsburgh graduate himself, Peter is very in tune with the problems and opportunities facing the City of Plattsburgh in the upcoming years. He is extremely community-minded, as is illustrated in his active involvement in the Plattsburgh Rotary Club, where he serves in many capacities, including a member of its Board of Directors and current sergeant-at-arms.

As a fellow Rotarian, I have found Peter to be fully engaged in local community events, non-profit organizations and the overall betterment of our area.

Peter freely gives us his time and talent to those around him. I am confident that he will be no different in the role of elected official. His genuine commitment to the Plattsburgh community is evident in all that he does.

I feel that we are very lucky to have someone of Peter’s educational background, personal integrity and varied experience willing to give his time to our great community.

Please join me in supporting Peter Ensel for Ward 4 councilor.


West Chazy


Town budget

TO THE EDITOR: I recently attended a well-covered Plattsburgh Town Council work session.

This was to discuss enacting a new local law to overstep the tax-cap law. The council seems to feel they need to raise property taxes 47 percent instead of the mandate of 1.7 percent. There is no typo here.

People were not at all happy with the council.

With the increasing amount of young parents and senior citizens on limited or no income, no increase can be afforded. Services must be reduced or eliminated instead of increasing taxes, especially in these dark fiscal times. They have spent irresponsibly and discounted the true needs of the community, to increase their attractiveness to people not living in this area.

That is understandable, attracting new businesses and people, but not at the expense of the people already here and paying the bills.  And Mr. Bassett, don’t even think of the one area you kept using as an excuse for this problem: the Highway Department.

A lot of information was presented, mostly by people in the audience, as to the actual state of the town finances, as the council appeared to be unsure of the true state of affairs of those town finances. These figures showed there was actually a surplus, instead of the figures the council gave us.

Perhaps the council actually needs to sit down with every department head and get realistic. It is past time dreams can be spent on, when so many of the people paying the bills are having trouble just meeting their necessary life expenses.

What was worse, from information available on the Internet, this town is one of the highest taxed towns in the state.

If this council cannot do the job they were elected (hired) to do, it is time to get them out of office.




Skilled, experienced

TO THE EDITOR: I support Mike Cashman for Plattsburgh Town Council.

Mike is assistant director of campus activities at SUNY Plattsburgh. He advises the Student Government with a $1.1 million budget, which gives him experience that will carry over to his duties as a town councilman.

He works with 1,000-plus student volunteers each year. This requires he be able to deal well with many different personalities, beliefs and needs. His skill in handling these differences will help him work with the differing needs and wishes of the people in the Town of Plattsburgh.

He is a good listener and skilled questioner who tries to bring out the reason for a request. Mike’s department generates over 10,000 hours of volunteer service by students in our community each year. Through this program, Mike has gained a strong understanding of the needs of the community.

He is not afraid to speak up when he has concerns about issues. He will use his strong management skills, unfettered energy and ability to work with people to help the Town of Plattsburgh to continue to develop as a good place to live, work and establish a business.

I encourage you to vote for Mike.




Waldron support

TO THE EDITOR: I first met Patty Waldron many years ago when she was a student in my seventh-grade English class at Saranac Central School.

As with most former students, I lost track of her personal story over the years. But when she re-emerged as a candidate for legislator for Area 6, I wasn’t surprised.

Still strong of character, Patty represents the true business grit and the informal intuition it takes to successfully own and manage a commercial venture in Plattsburgh, the Koffee Kat.

Prior to opening her business 16 years ago, she worked a decade for a New York state facility, learning the intricacies of the Civil Service workforce. She knows both the private and the public sectors.

Her easy personal demeanor belies the intensity of her inner drive. Her strengths of perception and awareness will serve the people of Area 6 well. She sees the bigger picture but also is intuitively sensitive to individuals’ needs.

I believe she will work hard as a legislator and listen to us.




Skilled visionary

TO THE EDITOR: When I first met Bill Brudvig, he was so business oriented I wondered if he smiled.

He was the comptroller for Renaissance Village. What an impressive individual. And as I watched him account for every dime, it became apparent, here’s a man of honesty and integrity. 

When Bill was appointed to the Zoning Board, I recognized another facet. As a home builder, Bill’s familiarity with infrastructures in our area became an important part of his board participation. Whether it was the basic physical and organization of a structure, buildings, roads or power sources, his valuable knowledge was outstanding.

It was his manner, as he’s considerate and understanding when dealing with those needing variances for either building a new house or adding on to their present home. Bill easily understood and recognized how important each request was.

We must control town spending, and who else but someone who has 28 years of experience in business and accounting to do the job. Bill knows budgets, and he’s willing to roll up his sleeves and tackle our budget. We need more responsibility in controlling spending.

Bill Brudvig will work hard to bring order and accountability to our town government.




Bernardi endorsed

TO THE EDITOR: It has come to my attention that John Bernardi is running for the position of Area 6 Clinton County legislator.

I can not think of a more fiscally responsible, caring, community-minded person than John Bernardi. I have worked with John during his time as ACAP director and as the leader of the local United Way. John is literally the go-to guy.

Many times, when I have an issue and a constituent in need of help, I turn to John Bernardi. John goes above and beyond to help anyone during their time of need.

I am positive that Clinton County will continue to prosper with John Bernardi involved in the decision-making process.

Please vote for John Bernardi on Nov. 5.


Jay town supervisor


Caring, conscientious

TO THE EDITOR: In support of my wife, Tina L. Fenton, I ask you to consider casting your vote for her on Nov. 5.

Tina and I have been married close to 30 years. We raised five wonderful children. Tina needs to be praised not only for fulfilling the responsibilities of being a good mom but for the educational foundation she gave our children by choosing to home school them during their formative years.

She kept them on track with their educational needs and taught them the value of the dollar through activities like shopping together and observing “unit pricing.”

Since Tina has the strengths of accounting and organizing, it’s made sense for her to keep track of our personal finances and my business bookkeeping needs. Despite the ups and downs we all experience, Tina has a way with keeping these things on track.

Tina’s extended her skills beyond our home as she’s served other places. She the bookkeeper for KOA campground in Wilmington, a job she’s enjoyed for sometime now.

And you’ll find her employing her organizational skills as an election official during the elections. This position, combined with the enjoyment of meeting many of the voters there, has given her the desire to pursue the tax-collector position.

As Tina works with others, she makes them feel valued. I’ve observed her carefully listening to the needs of an individual and working to help them out. She is conscientious and caring.

Because of her background and love for accounting, tax collecting is a natural fit for Tina. She will serve the Town of Jay well with her skills.

Make your mark for Tina on Nov. 5.


AuSable Forks


Carlo support

TO THE EDITOR: Maureen Carlo is young and energetic, willing to work hard to represent the best interests of all of us who live in Ward 1.

Our city’s outlook is promising, but we face many issues as we try to grow in a positive direction. We will benefit from voting in some new blood, fresh ideas and a pro-active approach to finding solutions.

I am Maureen’s neighbor and friend, but I have also been privileged to join her for a short time on the Board of Directors at Lake Country Village. Seeing her in action, I am convinced that Maureen Carlo’s spark will brighten our future. Give her your vote.




Cashman goals

TO THE EDITOR: One of the greatest influences in my life was my Aunt Hazel.

She lived to the wise age of 102 and instilled in me the values of hard work, community and service.

I have kept these values close to my heart, and it is with these values in mind that I’m running for Plattsburgh Town Council.

My passion for our community inspired me to work hard to make our community better. I have served as the president of the Adirondack Young Professional group’s founding Board of Directors. I am serving as vice president for the Town of Plattsburgh Local Development Corp., and I am a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals.

My position at SUNY Plattsburgh involves working with college students every day to engage them in community-service projects like the Relay for Life and the annual Day of Caring, our region’s largest day of service. My involvement with groups like these have helped me to listen, learn and lead.

Our best resource is the people who live, work and learn right here in the North Country. Our community has proven it can face challenges, such as the Ice Storm, Hurricane Irene or meeting the day-to-day needs of our neighbors. Together, I’m sure we can build the town we want and deserve.

I will be approachable, transparent and work hard to serve you. As a Plattsburgh town councilperson, my votes will represent you, the taxpayer.

I have the passion, principles and experiences to serve as town councilperson. I will work tirelessly to listen to you and lead on your behalf. If elected, the only special interest will be you, the taxpayer.

I invite you to visit my website http://www.michaelcashmanforplattsburgh.com/ and share your vision for our town.




Union relations

TO THE EDITOR: Even a casual reader of the minutes posted on the city website will notice that some 100 times the Common Council of the City of Plattsburgh voted unanimously to underwrite the many lawsuits contesting grievances filed by the city unions.

The New York state law for municipal employees is very specific — whoever breaks the contract will lose the case; 99 times, the City of Plattsburgh lost the case and was left paying more than $10,000 in legal fees, court fees and fines. The remaining case was dismissed because no employee was directly affected.

If you believe that those pesky unions need to be taught a lesson no matter how much tax money it costs, then you now know who to vote for — pretty much anyone who has served on the City Council these past six years.

And if you believe that contracts are meant to be honored, that our employees deserve respect and that there are much better ways to spend more than a million dollars of tax revenue, then you now know who not to vote for — everyone who has served on the City Council these past six years.

As one politician put it on his campaign signs, “Performance, not promises.”




Faces challenges

TO THE EDITOR: Fifteen years ago, I met the love of my life, Michael Cashman, during freshman orientation at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Michael immediately got involved with our community. He participated in countless hours of community service and continues to do so. As a result, he was invited to serve on the United Way’s Allocation Committee as a student.

I can still remember him coming back from the countless community-service events he was involved with. Michael’s love for this community was evident even then. He would often remark, and still reiterates, it is the people that make this community what it is.

I have struck gold in finding someone who wants to make the community we raise our future children in even brighter. Michael is a person who will face challenges head on and tell you like it is. He will be the first to admit when he doesn’t have the answer but will keep working until one is found.

Michael does not just talk about problems and issues but works to find solutions. He has the drive, passion, work ethic and know-how to put plans into action.

Having Michael as a member of the Plattsburgh Town Council would be a boon for our community; you would be electing a man who will work hard for this community and help it continue to fulfill its potential as a leading community in this state.

Please join me in voting for Michael Cashman on Nov. 5.




Cooperation, compromise

TO THE EDITOR: Peter Ensel is a candidate for City Council in Ward 4.

I had the opportunity of working with Peter on the City of Plattsburgh Redistricting Committee. Peter, who was chair of this committee, was charged with redistricting the voting wards in the city to balance the population in each ward.

This was a complex process that required bipartisan cooperation and compromise. Peter guided the committee with

respect to all parties involved and created a plan that was passed unanimously by the City Council.

Peter and his family have lived in Plattsburgh for 20 years. I have known Peter both professionally and personally for many of these years.

His leadership abilities and energetic personality are the qualities needed to sucessfully guide the process of managing a city.

Peter is not registered with a political party; he is a true Independent who approaches every situation with balance.

On Election Day, please join me in supporting Peter Ensel for City Council in Ward 4.




Supportive, dedicated

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to express my support as my father, Paul “Crusher” O’Connell, runs for councilor of Ward 4 in Plattsburgh.

My father has consistently showed his dedication to his family, community and commitments throughout his entire life.

Growing up, he was involved in all of our extracurricular activities, often taking on a leadership role. He taught me that hard work and dedication are the only way to get things done.

Honesty was a quality that I admired in my father as he instilled his values into my sister and myself. His values and faith are what formed us into the successful adults that we are today.

I could always count on my father and his unconditional love and support. He always listened to any problems that I had and helped me see the bigger picture. He helped me form a plan to work through and solve my problems.

I believe that he will listen to the residents of Ward 4 and help them accomplish their goals for their community. Paul has lived in the City of Plattsburgh his entire life and cares a great deal about its residents. He will consistently strive for excellence in his community.

I know that you may think that I am a bit biased because he is my father; however, that just means that I know him better than anyone else. I believe that he is genuinely the best candidate for the position.

I hope that on Election Day you will vote for Paul “Crusher” O’Connell for Ward 4 because I know that if I could I would.




Moral, decisive

TO THE EDITOR: I have been a resident of the Peru area for the past 14 years and have personally known Don McBrayer for the past 25 years.

Our relationship has been one of competitor, business partner and landlord. Through it all, the most important aspect of our relationship has been that of friend.

Through the years of competitive business and partnership, I have seen examples of leadership from Don on a daily basis. He is not afraid to make command decisions nor is he afraid to stand by the decision he makes.

He is hard working and has provided for his family over the years. He is supportive not only of his family but of his friends as well.

Don has always been there when I needed a helping hand and he is always volunteering his time to help others, whether it’s for charitable computer work, helping the church or simply helping to snow blow a neighbor’s driveway.

When I see Don, I see a man with high morals, character and values. I see a man who sets the example and a man who is worthy to be a leader.

Don is a man whose first order would be “Follow me,” and I am an individual who would not be afraid to follow.

I fully and wholeheartily support Don McBrayer in his run for politics and truly believe the Peru community would greatly benefit from his leadership.




Klages experienced

TO THE EDITOR: Richard Klages is running for re-election in the Town of Chesterfield for the position of town councilman.

Ricky has 20 years of experience in that position and has been very active serving on many committees over that period.

I have known Ricky for over 50 years and have been a member of the Keeseville Volunteer Fire Department for over 40 years with him.

He always puts a lot of effort into anything that he gets involved in and takes pride in serving his community and whatever he is involved with.

He takes his responsibility seriously and takes into consideration the needs of the residents of the town.

Ricky has the time, desire and energy to continue to serve the residents of the town for another term as a part of your Town Council.

I truly believe that his 20 years on the council will be a strong asset that he will bring to the position.

I urge everyone to come out and vote on Election Day and to consider a vote for Richard Klages for councilman of the Town of Chesterfield based on his past experience and what he will bring to that office.




Hall attributes

TO THE EDITOR: I am the wife of Robert “Bobby” Hall, the candidate for county legislator in District 10.

I am writing because I believe that I know Bob better than anyone. I know that Bob is passionate about his quest to become legislator. He believes in our community and wants only the best quality of life for the people of the North Country.

He loves people and would always be available to the public to assist them anyway possible.

He spent eight years as a city councilman and has the knowledge for what it takes to have good government. He has worked with unions, successfully negotiating contracts.

Bob has been a successful businessman for more than 40 years and has learned much in that time to make him the candidate you are looking for.

Bob is a warm, approachable man who will be an asset to our local government.

Please vote on Election Day; every vote counts.




Insightful, thoughtful

TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing to express my support for Colin Read for Clinton County Legislature District 4.

While I’ve known of Colin for several years, I’ve come to work with him through our mutual involvement in Vision2Action.

While I could attempt to re-write his list of degrees and career accomplishments, this would push me over the 300-word ceiling on letters. If you are interested, check him out on LinkedIn; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more accomplished individual in the North Country, or anywhere, for that matter.

From my dealings with Colin, I’ve found him to be a visionary who is steeped in getting things done. He is open to new ideas and doesn’t shy away from personal involvement. This is most recently evidenced by his instrumental role in the very successful First Weekends movement that is working to positively transform downtown Plattsburgh.

I encourage you to stop by his Champlain Wine Company in downtown Plattsburgh. Yes, Colin owns and operates a store here — just another example of the time and investment Colin takes when he sees an opportunity to both participate in the economy and improve the local offerings.

Chances are you’ll see him working the register or assisting a customer. Wait a moment and engage him in conversation. Like me, I think you’ll find Colin to insightful, thoughtful, well-informed and interested in your point of view.

While I know little of the candidate running against Colin, were I assembling a strong team of intelligent and capable leaders, Colin would be at the top of the list. We in Clinton County will be well-served with Colin Read representing district 4.




Proven dedication

TO THE EDITOR: It is my pleasure to endorse Colin Read for   county legislator, District 4.

I have known Colin personally and professionally for nearly a decade and believe he has the background, experience and strength of character to be an exceptional county legislator.

In addition to a PhD in economics, a law degree and master’s in business and taxation, Colin has taught economics and finance for more than 30 years. He is a professor of economics at SUNY Plattsburgh and has served as past dean of the School of Business and Economics.

As an active member of the community, he has served as past president of Plattsburgh Rotary Club, as a director on various local boards and as the driving force behind the establishment of the City of Plattsburgh’s First Weekends.

A co-founder of the Vision2Action group and local entrepreneur, Colin Read has proven his dedication to the growth and development of the area. Colin’s numerous columns in the Press-Republican have offered sage advice on topics ranging from secondary education to international, national and regional economic issues.

We are fortunate to have an individual like Colin Read, who possesses such a unique combination of intellect and experience, willing to serve in a leadership role.

His focus has been on revitalizing the local community and finding ways to retain young, talented individuals who will further contribute to the community.

He understands the valuable local assets that our area has to offer and his positive attitude has been dedicated to building a more healthy and vibrant local economy.

I feel we have an opportunity to strengthen our county government and fully endorse Colin Read in his election to county legislator, District 4.





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