Letters to the Editor: May 12, 2014

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Posted: Monday, May 12, 2014 3:25 am

PHS reunion

TO THE EDITOR: Plattsburgh High School Class of 1984 graduates, we are looking for you.

We are organizing our 30-year class reunion, which will take place this summer.

If you are a sibling, cousin, parent or even a close friend of a 1984 graduate, please forward this request.

Contact Carla Brancato at (954) 559-2840 or email at brancatocampbell@gmail.com.

The first set of invitations have been mailed. We want to reach as many classmates as possible. We need an updated/current list, so please provide your information, even if you feel you’re unable to attend.

The following are among the missing classmates: Bradley C. Alexander, David E. Angus, Joseph H. Aubin, Christopher P. Baker, John W. Bissell, Mark Brinn, Lisa (Brohinsky) Miller, Monique Brothers, Mary Gail Buck, Michael Burdeau, Colleen Cassidy, Gregg Celeste, Catherine Chappell, Jay Clark, Angela (Coopy) Waterhouse, Ronnie Crane, Matthew DeLellis, Glenn Douglas, Penny Dumas, Maron Dupee, John Figart, John Fortin, Timothy Frederick, Elizabeth Hailey, Jodi Hanbury, Jasper Hardy, Daniel Herlihy, Timothy Hogan, Stacey Jacobson, John Johnson, Darlene Kenny, Mark Kitts, Tammie (Kramer) Vaughn, Judith LaBerge, David LaForest, Lisa LaMountain, Ginny Laundry, Regina Lehman, Daniel Lennon, James Li, John Lushia, Emilie McDonald, Matthew McGivney, Hayley Mesec, Mary (Middelaer) Lewis, Elizabeth Obert, Colleen O’Hearn, James Poissant, Patricia Reams, Del Senecal, Shawn Shaffer, Linda Short, Kim Smith, Jeremy Solarski, Malcolm Summers, Yolanda (Ting) Singer, Rose Tourangeau, Kim Varin, Troy Watson and David Woodward.

Hope to hear from you very soon.




Working for reform

TO THE EDITOR: Taxpayers have a chance, but only if they outvote the teachers union. 

The City School Board is revealed, and it’s ugly. The board is so union-slanted they can’t find the center line, and the union and board are viewed as dead-end opponents of any accountability or reform focusing on salaries, perks and benefits, rather than our students.

Stop believing the lies and drama Superintendent Short presents, as employees have priced themselves out of their market value. Seventy-three cents of every tax dollar is squandered on these outrageous salaries and benefits.

Programs are adequately funded through state aid, and we pay everything else through excessive taxing. Under no circumstances should we be required to subsidize inflated value because of union mob mentality.

Taxpayers don’t have to live in financial fear. This election, we have a promising opportunity to chip away at the road to reform and deliver a voter death to the incumbents, but only if you vote.

I fully understand that taxpayers have no confidence in a school election that is staged top to bottom with school personnel only and view the process as rigged.

The union counts on a low taxpayer turnout. Therefore, their puppets are elected, and they remain the beneficiaries of out-of-control public taxes. 

Election Day, cast your vote for change and vote for me. It’s insane to allow these board members to make a career managing our taxes.

I will quickly demonstrate the honor and credibility to work hard for reform through clear, open communication and transparency. I will work to maximize district resources to provide our students all opportunity for success.

This can only happen with your help. Voter apathy created this dynamic, and only by voting do we stand a chance for meaningful change.




Motorcycle fundraiser

TO THE EDITOR: On Saturday, June 7, members of the Mountain Riders Motorcycle Club will be hosting their eighth-annual A.L.S. Motorcycle Rally & Poker Run at the Billy Mitchell Fast Pitch Field on Church Street in AuSable Forks.

Along with a fun-filled motorcycle ride (rain or shine), the event will also consist of a barbecue-style meal, silent auction, 50/50 raffle and live entertainment. 

Motorcyclists are encouraged to arrive at North End Harley Davidson/Plattsburgh for the 10 a.m. registration time. Departure time is 11 a.m., with an estimated time 1 p.m. arrival at the Fast Pitch Field.

A generous donation of $15 (bike/rider) and $5 (passenger) will be kindly accepted.

The general public is welcome, and takeout is available. The cost for the meal is $10 for adult/children/senior. 

Mountain Riders Motorcycle Club is committed to its mission to provide financial support to North Country residents diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

As the first and only annual fundraiser of its kind in this area, thousands of dollars have been raised over the past seven years and disbursed directly back into the community.

For more information, regarding the Motorcycle Rally & Poker Run, please contact Art: 834-5716 or Dean (A.K.A. “Duct”) at 354-0322.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the silent auction or become a corporate sponsor are encouraged to direct their inquiries to Kelly Murphy at: 524-5806 or kirish212@yahoo.com.

Your continued support is much needed and greatly appreciated as we unite in helping those 

who are diagnosed with A.L.S.


Mountain Riders Motorcycle Club



Earning limitations

TO THE EDITOR: I am writing this letter as an open letter to whomever wins our next congressional election.

When I started my first job at the age of 15, I started paying into Social Security. Now I am 63 and I do not dare to start collecting because of penalties if I continue to work. So it looks like I’ll have to wait until I’m 66.

I do not feel that this is fair. There should be no penalties or limitations for collecting what is rightfully your money. These limitations make it impossible to even think of collecting. That is, unless you want to collect and live in poverty because you can’t live under these limitations.

These rules need to be dropped, and one should be able to collect from this fund at any time after age 62.

This is only fair as we are the people who have been paying into this system for 47 or more years.

Do I really have to wait a half century or more to start collecting? The Social Security Administration should be ashamed of themselves.

If you want the senior vote, you should address this issue. A bill to eliminate this discriminatory procedure would be a good start.

After all, if I’m collecting and still working, I’m still contributing to the system. The system is not losing a dime. So what is the problem?




Salmon River candidates

TO THE EDITOR: Tammy Francis, Darrell Lapage, and John Pontius are seeking the three open seats for the Salmon River Central School Board.

All three candidates have a vested interest in the community. They are concerned about the future of our children’s education. They want the best for every student, parents kept informed of their children’s progress, a strong working relationship with all staff and keeping the communities involved.

Tammy, Darrell and John feel it is important to appoint district residents to open positions at Salmon River Central whenever it is possible.

A vote for these three candidates on May 20 will ensure that school taxes are kept low and that the current upcoming project will be completed as approved by the voters of the district.

Vote May 20 at the High School gymnasium from noon until 8 p.m.


Fort Covington



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